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Real Estate Courses

Own Realty Group real estate courses for buyers, sellers and investors.

Learn proven strategies from experienced real estate professionals. Whether you are a beginner or experienced,  our real estate courses are designed with you in mind.  

Real Estate Courses for Buyers

Master the basics of buying real estate. Learn how to find the right property and the real estate transaction process. Ideal for homebuyers and new investors. 

Real Estate Courses for Sellers

Introduction to Selling Real Estate    
This specialized course teaches the basics of selling real estate.  Market valuation, property analysis, sales & marketing techniques and the real estate transaction process are all presented in this course.

Real Estate Investor Courses

Introduction to Real Estate Investing 
Investors have increasingly turned to real estate to meet their financial goals. With so many options available, how do you choose the right one for you?  This specialized course introduces investors to the basics of real estate investing.

Real Estate Courses
For information about real estate courses complete the contact form below or call  (281) 891-3007