Live Lounge

Entertainment Activities

Go Live Goes Global *New 2019*

Anxious Tot'sy Turvey *New 2019*

Groove With Greedy *New 2019*

Seaside Squad Picnic *New 2019*

Sign A Song With Polly And Ned **New 2019*

Seaside Squad Sing A long (Free Event)

Once Upon A Time (Free Event)

Little Big Star (Free Event)

Funstar Bootcamp (Free Event) 5 to 7 years

Bradley's Beach Rescue (Free Event)

Pop Up Live (Free Event)

Cash Bingo 18yrs+ (£5 per person)

ExperoMental (Free Event) 5 to 7 years

Seaside Squad Pop Concert (Free Event)

Seaside Squad Adventure (Free Event)

Seaside Snaperazzi (Free Event)

Polly's Dance-a-story (Free Event)

Make A Mess (Free Event)

Bingo Beats (£1 per person)

Visiting Acts (Free Event)

Go Tots (Free Event)

Go Win (Free Event)

Go Move (Free Event)

Go Solo (Free Event)

Go Show (Free Event)

Dis:Go (Free Event)