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*Children must have an adult with them at all times*

*NEW* Rory's Sing A Long (0 to 4yrs) *Free To Join*

*NEW* Greedy's Tin Pot Band (All Ages) *Free To Join*

Anxious Sensory Morning (0 to 4yrs) *Free To Join*

Experimental (5yrs+) *Free To Join*

Make A Mess (All Ages) *Free To Join*

Funstar Boot Camp! (5yrs+) *Free To Join*

Pop Up Puppet Theatre Co (All Ages) *Free To Join*

Cash Bingo (Over 18's+) *Cash Required*

Seaside Squad Pop Concert (All Ages) *Free To Watch*

Go Tots (0 to 4yrs) *Free To Join*

Seaside Squad Adventures (All Ages) *Free To Watch*

Seaside Snaparazzi (All Ages) *Free To Join*

Prize Bingo (All Ages) *Cash Required*

FunStars Go! Live (All Ages) *Free To Join*

Little Big Star (5yrs+) *Free To Join*

Go Solo (All Ages) *Free To Watch*

Go Win (All Ages) *Free To Join*

Party Dances (All Ages) *Free To Join*

Dis:Go (All Ages) *Free To Join*

Funstar's Shows

*NEW* Musikids: School's Out (All Ages) *Free To Watch*

*NEW* Carnaby to California (All Ages) *Free To Watch*

*NEW* Sweet Soul Music (All Ages) *Free To Watch*

Welcome to Glam Rock (All Ages) *Free To Watch*

Carnaby W1 (All Ages) *Free To Watch*

Musikids (All Ages) *Free To Join/Watch*

Visiting Acts (All Ages) *Free To Watch*