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        The Overpopulation is threatening our planet. 

Our world is fast descending into chaos. The main protagonists are human beings who keep on breeding at an astronomical rate without a thought for the consequences. It was not for nothing that our great grand-parents made up the following saying :

“The more people there are, the greater the problems.”

The recent unusual occurrences around the world like natural catastrophes, terrible floods, dreadful hurricanes, heart wrenching forest fires, new strains of mental and physical illnesses, never-ending disputes, endless discontentment, lowering of moral values, increasing unemployment, social expansion, increased consumption of cigarettes and alcohol and drug dependency have all played their part, until people hardly know what they’re doing. For example : Satanism, child pornography and child abuse are the first signs of moral decay. The newspapers and televisions are full of news like this on a daily basis. Just as the Turkish saying goes : “For sensitive people, the buzz of the mosquito sounds alerting. Insensitive people, however, cannot even hear a loud drum banging.” That is to say : ignorant people cannot see things even when they are staring them in the face. We are ignoring these first warning signs. Earth shattering catastrophes are already happening which are leaving people stunned in amazement. But simply being amazed will not make the problems go away, they will have to suffer the consequences too.   

The unemployed and those people most affected by these increasing problems, accuse others and the politicians who are unable to solve the problems of overpopulation . But aren’t the parents who bring so many new children into this automated-robotic-world of ours partly to blame? And aren’t those who ignore the overpopulation problems of the world and do nothing to help simpler folk with family planning also partly to blame? Yes, of course they are to blame. And how! Everyone is partly to blame for driving the world into chaos. Some will say : “We are all for modern science,for ecology,for a balanced earth. Since the industrial revolution, a quarter of all the forests have been cut down, burnt and destroyed, a third of the world’s natural resources have been destroyed” Meantime, all the rest will just say : “Now where did we put our pants or knickers,darling ?”, thinking only of their sex lives and not the result – innocent children. That’s how it is nowadays. Do you understand? Either let’s revert back to the old days when lots of children were produced to work in the fields, leaving Mother Nature to regulate everything, or in these modern times shouldn’t we at least be wise enough to realise that having so many machines nowadays actually takes work away from our children. The good old days when there were lots of children and no machines are long gone. If this trend continues, unemployment in the world will never cease, but actually continue to increase, no matter what measures the different governments try to take. Never a day goes by without the discovery of some newly developed machine or robot or automatic device, and instead of lamenting the fact, we rejoice over it. Basically this means that all newly introduced machines are taking away many job opportunities from our young people. As a citizen you have the right to ask the authorities whether, in these automated times, everyone should be allowed to produce as many children as they want. We should be making this question our top priority because too many children who cannot find employment are making their own jobs, either breaking into your house, or snatching your wife’s handbag on the street, in order to support themselves. They will not even leave you in peace after you are dead – they will be robbing your grave to get at the gold crowns on your teeth! You cannot really blame these youths for their actions. The real guilty parties are those people who bring so many children into this anarchic world.

Capitalist societies need to maintain large numbers of unemployed people. Fascists and communists, racists, dictators and fanatics all need huge armies. For this reason they are all against family planning.

Nobody seems to be bothered about the future of our planet or of present day and future generations. Only a few wise scientists, philosophers and writers concern themselves with these matters, but their influence is so weak that if you were to blow on it, it would fly away like a speck of dust. Nobody takes them seriously.

Don’t forget, man is the only creature on earth in enormous numbers who inflicts terrible damage on our paradise planet, ploughing his way through the world like a blind mole, decimating all the green spaces as he goes like a locust, leaving them bare and barren, creating concrete jungles everywhere and depositing great piles of rubbish. Think about it : animals in their billions have lived on this planet for millions of years. Although they were wild and predatory, did you ever see garbage heaps or mountains of rubbish created by the animals? They may only have been wild beasts, but even so, they never destroyed the balance of nature and always left the world clean and healthy. But what of us humans, who only emerged during the last period of life on earth? We are actually wild animals and predators too, but in a different guise and form. And what do we do? We change the balance of nature and pollute the earth, the rivers, the seas, the lakes and even the universe with our rubbish, to such an extent that we even have difficulty finding a place to dispose of it.

In the past, Mother Nature maintained a balance to ensure that the problem of overpopulation didn‘t occur. The vastly expanding mouse population, which could possibly have overrun the world, was swallowed up by snakes, foxes and owls. The burgeoning number of hares which might have completely decimated all plant life on our planet with their gnawing, was curtailed by the wild animals. Another burgeoning species, namely the humanrace, who had spent thousands of years huddled together in crowded caves, was also kept down by the wild animals and diseases. Nowadays only a fraction of wild animals remain, and many of them have been placed in captivity in zoos.

In the present day situation, Mother Nature has a very weak influence over the human race. But thank God people still have wisdom. But sadly people use this wisdom foolishly, and have turned our erstwhile paradise planet into a hell on earth through overcrowding, and now search vainly for another paradise somewhere else. It is likely that our planet will be destroyed by the brainless human race, long before being hit by an asteroid or before being burnt up, billions of years hence, by our worn out, red, swollen sun. Time is a good witness, is it not?

In this series of books I will recount to you the dramatic life story of a young man called Erol, who was once a legendary boxer, and who spent his whole life trying to draw people‘s attention to such ecological warnings. In addition, I will describe to you my vision of the future, and how the world will look in years to come. I am sure that the people of the twentieth century will not easily understand Erol’s book. That is their misfortune! But the people living in centuries to come will realise all this, and will place a few artificial flowers, which they produced by looking in old books, on their memorials to commemorate Mother Nature. And the teardrops they shed for their electronic but decimated, dead planet, will mist up the inside of the helmets which supply them with oxygen.

This planet will keep on circling around the sun, which continues to warm it despite everything. But on this planet which was once like a rose garden, where birds used to sing happily and cranes used to roam the skies joyfully, the children of the future will no longer be able to run around freely with the wind in their hair like our children did, because of their oxygen helmets. There will be a deep sadness everywhere and chaos will reign. In this case neither the holy staff of Moses nor the preachings of Jesus Christ, nor the laws of Karl Marx, nor even the high intelligence of humans with all their high technology will be in a position to rejuvenate the dying planet. But none of this concerns us – we won’t be alive to see it, will we? This is something for the people of the future to worry about. We people of the present time from all continents should take it easy. We should enjoy our day to day living, and bring as many children as we like into a world which is heading into chaos. Or if we don’t do it ourselves, why should we care what the rest of the ignorant population does? Or shall we still dream of becoming a great nation which rules the world? Let’s carry on increasing our population at a great pace so that we can enslave other nations and subjugate mother Nature still further. We could try to take a more optimistic point of view. Yes, it is true: the high technology which used to stop overpopulation in the industrial countries, will also stop overpopulation in the other countries where the birth rate is high. However, since in this changeover period, nature will be so irrevocably damaged as a result of the misuse of technology by ignorant people, the passage to chaos will gain momentum. Take this good example : Gunpow­der and fire brought together. In this example, gunpowder represents the unthinking people, while cruel technology is the fire. Chaos will finally ensue with an enormous bang. In this phase on the ownerless planet, the rule of the tailless creatures who call themselves humans, who have chosen for themselves a hedonistic lifestyle and cruelty, will come to an end. In their place will stand a crazed, wicked giant: sickly Mother Nature, which is more powerful than the human race, whose breath will cause huge hurricanes, and whose spit and sweat will cause the world to flood. She will be no longer our loving Mother Nature, but now goes under her new name of “Chaos”. In this chaos, not only the weak will suffer, but all living creatures.

We have been running non stop so damned fast without considering where we are going to finish up. Isn't it about time we stopped running for once, and actually asked each other where we are heading? I do it now and ask you : Where are we heading?

Akin Tekin

Sociologist Environmentalist Writer