Where to find cool stuff.
  • Bodleian Library—A good place to browse medieval manuscripts (it's the University of Oxford)
  • Calontir Trim—Awesome source for trim for your garb
  • Clip clocks---cleverly disguised time pieces for re-enactors, very cool stuff
  • Cotehardie—Very good information and pictures for how to make a fitted cotehardie
  • Cuir Boulli—A LARPer's instructions on how to make boiled leather armor using wax and such (works for SCA armor too, just make sure you're using proper weight leather)
  • Cunnan—An SCA wiki out of Australia; interesting stuff (Owl's Nest is listed there too!) 
  • Disguising your pop-up—Ideas for covering your mundane pop-up pavilion/day shade to give it that medieval flavor (I've actually done this. Check out the gallery.) 
  • Folding arm chair—Instructions for making great-looking period chair, for those with woodworking abilities
  • Forward into the Past—Aa handy, dandy introduction into the SCA
  • Gwinna's Creations—my friend Odette makes lovely jewelry, this is her merchant site
  • Hiding modern footware—A cool concept for covering modern boots to make them look more period
  • Iron works—If you're looking for stuff made of iron, here's a place to start
  • Making garb—There's something for almost everyone here; you can start out with a simple T-tunic and then just go nuts with everything else (look out for dead links)
  • Medieval studies—A source of online research reference books for the academically inclined (unfortunately, there are some dead links)
  • Medieval wares—Interesting pewter reproductions and other stuff
  • Past Times—A page that links to neato SCA projects and information 
  • Pavilion making—If you have a hankering to make your own pavilion from scratch, here's one way to do it
  • Pavilion pattern generator—Enter your specs and get a custom pattern; be sure to click around, these folks have many more links to pavilion information 
  • Persian clothing, 16th century—Want something other than harem pants? This site has very good information about period Persian garb for men and women (just scroll and click around). And here's the link to the patterns.  (July 20, 2008: Ack! The links have died. Leaving them here in case they're revived.)
  • Persian clothing research—A nice source of background research on period Persian clothing
  • Philippa's Wardrobe—My friend Philippa's Web site; follow her adventures with period costuming and other stuff
  • Pottery ware—A great source for pottery dinnerware (I love this stuff); they used to have a shop at the Georgia Renn Faire, but sadly not any more
  • SCA Demo—A great online demonstration that explains the SCA and SCA-related activities
  • Stefan's Florilegium—Oodles of articles on SCA-related stuff
  • The Academy of St. Gabriel—A place to start when researching your SCA persona name
  • The Medieval Times—A site with links to SCA merchants and other stuff (unfortunately, there a number of links that are no longer active) 
    (July 20, 2008: Ack! This link has died. Leaving it here in case it's revived.) 
  • Viking apron dress—Excellent instructions on how to make a Viking apron dress