Welcome! Please file in, students, alphabetical order by surname. You have all reached your fifth year or above which means you are now eligible to take your Ordinary Wizarding Levels. Not to worry, though, this class is only 99% as torturous as you've heard! 

My name is Prof. Kyrie Adderholt and I will be administering your examinations. These examinations were written by members of the wizarding community who have all taken the OWLs themselves. You may receive a brand new exam or one written before you even started your studies. 

By now you should have all been added to the OWLs class, but if you have not please let me know ASAP. It is very important that you join the class on time because this class does NOT grant extensions. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an HOL message, email (kyrie.adderholt@gmail.com), or message me on IRC. 

Crest of an owl wearing a student's hat with a banner saying OWL above it and a banner saying Ordinary Wizarding Levels below it