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2. Amateur Radio Page

All photos by D. Slauson - click each to enlarge the images

Icom 746 Pro transceiver, the principal HF transceiver at this station.

Vintage Yaesu FT-101E HF transceiver, an efficient classic radio that's always available on standby

Yaesu FT-857D all-mode HF/VHF/UHF transceiver, used primarily for 2m/70cm FM and digital HF traffic.  Also used as a portable all-band radio.


W0ABC is a occasional relay station on the Intercontinental Amateur Traffic Net (InterCon), the Maritime Mobile Service Net (MMSN), and the Pac Sea General Traffic Net.  Relay stations provide assistance to the Net Control Operator (NCS) by relaying call signs and message traffic to and from the NCS.  All of the above emergency traffic nets are found on 14.300 MHz, a DESIGNATED EMERGENCY TRAFFIC FREQUENCY. All emergency traffic can be handled on this frequency.  Special emphasis is placed on listening for and handling message traffic to and from marine vessels that need assistance. Partnered with the Nat'l Weather Service and the United States Coast Guard.

A modified Super Antennas MP-1 multi-band, portable vertical antenna (configurable for 2m through 80m wavelengths). This highly-portable antenna is easily tuned for various radio frequency bands.
Workman VHF/UHF co-linear vertical base station antenna. Routinely works 2m (VHF) and 70cm (UHF) FM repeaters up to 50 miles away.
Arrow II 2-meter/70-cm cross-element VHF/UHF antenna for satellite communication, including the ISS.

G5RV Inverted Vee wire dipole antenna - used for DX and regional 15 through 80 meter HF SSB and digital mode contacts (not to scale).  This is the station's principal HF antenna.

Member: Johnson Co. ARES, Iowa Section

Member: Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES), Iowa Section


Registered SkyWarn storm spotter. Nat'l WX Service ID = JH101

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Member: Amateur Radio Relay League