Sustainable Living

"...Nature is not our mother: Nature is our sister." -GK Chesterton 

Treading Softly in Olympia 

Olympia Sustainable Living Wiki

Given the environmental crisis in which we now live, many Christians are revisiting and revising our theology of Nature.  Historically we have viewed Nature as a resource given to us by God for our own enjoyment.  

It is still good to enjoy nature, but our times force us to discover a new respect and reverence for Creation.  God is Father both to us as well as to the rest of Creation, and we must not harm our sister... 

I've created a "sustainable living" wiki site for information and resource sharing.  It is my hope that, if information is more readily available, more people will take the leap towards living in harmony with our environment.  

This site has a local focus oriented towards people living in the Olympia area.  Please have a look around, and help build the site by sharing your knowledge and experience!