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The Canon Hack Development Kit - live histogram, zebra mode, battery meter and more ...


These builds are based on the GrAnd branch of CHDK, revision 200.  The major alteration from GrAnd's builds is the option to display a live histogram constantly, rather than only when half-pressing the shutter.  This feature makes it easy to compose the shot and to immediately see the effect changing the exposure compensation or contrast has on the exposure.

Other features include a condensed DOF summary and the removal of the "SCR" and "EXP" display (as this information is already displayed elsewhere).

These builds will not suit everyone, but I've decided to make them available for anyone that's interested; use at your own risk!


Changes from the official branch 

(Build 57)

  • Faster histogram/zebra drawing.  Revised the histogram calculation routines - the histogram is now calculated and displayed every mainloop cycle, but only when needed.  The histogram update is much smoother using this method, and the solid zebra mode is also noticably faster (since the histogram is no longer being calculated at the same time).

(Build 48)

  • Updated to CHDK revision 200 (includes video compression, custom grids, etc) 
  • Removed the display of the OSD during review following shooting (the histogram doesn't work at this stage, and all other OSD information seems superfluous - it's better, IMO, to see the photo you've just taken without distractions.)  Note that this doesn't apply to Play mode (where the histogram and battery information are still available)  For anyone who's curious, there's apparently no propcases signal for the shooting review mode - but the camera does register the aperture at around f/11, greater than the smallest aperture available.  So I simply check for the aperture being smaller than f/8 as an indication that we're in shooting review.
  • DOF for other cameras should work now

(Build 39)

  • Updated to CHDK changeset 144 (includes support for menu fonts, extra zoom info display, deletion of directories in the file browser, key autorepeat, and more)
  • Removed A610 builds as the permanent live histogram display does not work on these cameras

(Build 38)

  • Ability to turn live histogram on all the time in record mode
  • Smaller DOF display, with adjustment for A640 circle of confusion (4.1um)  N.B.: this will make the readout incorrect for other cams, but since the focus readout also seems to be off at wide angle it's a moot point anyway whether any of this is useful ...
  • Removal of "SCR" (made redundant by detailed script details on screen) and "EXP" (made redundant by zebra/live histogram modes) status labels

Source code

A patch against revision 200 of the GrAnd branch.  See the CHDK Wiki for instructions on how to build CHDK under Linux. 

Files (Build 57)


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