Welcome to The Wheelhouse

Owen Casas here.  Welcome to my e-Portfolio site!  Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  While you read along feel free to click any highlighted words to know more about that aspect of my life.

-I am currently tutoring English, History, and Science at The Study Hall in Rockport, Maine-

I live in beautiful Mid Coast Maine with my wonderful wife and two amazing children.  They are by far the greatest joys in my life. 

Wanting to use my mind muscle more then my back muscle, I enrolled in college on the Post 911 GI Bill.  In retrospect my life before college shaped my studies in college. 

Fishing gave me a love for the ocean, driving my interest in floating offshore wind turbines, a study that I received significant insight into at the Advanced Structures and Composites Center, UMaine Orono. 

My time in the Military gave me a worldly perspective that sparked my curiosity in International Affairs, which has challenged my critical thinking skills. 

Being an independent contractor in masonry required dealing with customers, sub contractors, large construction firms, and basic business practice, building the foundation for a business and technology interest.

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I graduated with Honors from University of Maine, Augusta May, 2013, with a B.S. in Applied Science, Minor in Business.  My college career took me around the State of Maine and I graduated with credits from University of Maine, Augusta and  OronoNorthern Maine Community College, and the United States Marine Corps. 

Through out my time in college I studied three main subjects: Renewable Energy -specifically offshore and land based wind power-, Business and Technology Development, and International Affairs.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in college connecting with amazing students and professors, gaining valuable knowledge and insight, and studying fascinating topics.  Special recognition to University College at Rockland for offering such a close nit and dynamic educational experience right down the road!   

I found that writing gave me an outlet for my thoughts and emotions as well as projects I was working on.  My writing abilities have grown much during my time in College where I have written about conferences and events, experiences that have changed my life, and technical projects.  You can find samples of my writing throughout this site or you can view all of my work in the RESUME, WRITING, & RECOMMENDATIONS section. 

Through high school and on into my adult life I have worked in the Stone Masonry trade.  It has been my solid "go to" employment between jobs and school.  Masonry is a trade passed down by my father and oldest brother and I have worked on dozens of sites along the coast of Maine.  I am currently working in masonry as I run for Representative of District 94.

At 18 I joined the United States Marine Corps and served in the enlisted ranks from 2003-07, achieving the rank of Sergeant before leaving with an Honorable Discharge.  I was an ammunition technician by trade first being stationed in 29 Palms, Ca. working in logistical, storage, and handling of munitions.  Pursuing a change of career to Marine Recon, I was stationed in Camp Lejeune for training.  I was unable to finish the entirety of the program due to injury but my time at Recon formed some of the strongest bonds of friendship in my life and gave me a better understanding of my own capabilities.  Through my career I was attached to base, Infantry, Reconnaissance, and Amphibious Assault units and deployed to Fallujah, Iraq in 2006 with 2nd Amphibious Assault Battalion. 

After leaving the Marine Corps I found excitement by attending a National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) course in Patagonia Chile, traversing glaciers and climbing peaks.  I found further excitement -and well paying work- on two commercial fishing vessels with a Maine based crew.  We fished out of New Bedford, Mass and would prep, maintain, and fish on two scallop draggers in the mid and upper Atlantic.  Arguably more difficult then my deployment to Iraq, fishing tested my mental and physical limits while rewarding me with a love for the Ocean, a baseline of operational know how in the maritime environment, and a nice check at the end of a trip.