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Here we go again. 

"What's past is prologue."
The Tempest, 2. 1

This is my second attempt at a web presence.  Here I'll be cataloging my thoughts and opinions, and posting anything that doesn't quit fit the new blog.  Check out The blog link on the left (tentatively titled Memepunks) for the latest news in cutting edge science, Internet weirdness,  paradigm shifts, and disruptive business models.  You can also read some of my musings from a couple of years back on the now defunct METAHumans blog.  Soon I'll be adding entries to Heroes, for people who deserve special recognition for leading the charge into the future.  And look for upcoming book links and reviews.  Through this site, and the Memepunks blog, I hope to keep you informed and entertained for some time to come.

Stay classy Internet...and thanks for stopping by.