Droid Vol Rocker


Droid Vol Rocker Tutorial

Droid Vol Rocker is an application for Android powered devices that allows owners of Motorola Droid Series Phones to restore the volume rocker button's ability to choose either Ring/Vibrate/Silent without the need to modify any settings.
Droid Vol Rocker can be acquired by accessing the Android Market on your device. 
How It works
Simply use the volume buttons as you always have.  When you change the volume to the lowest setting the phone will go into either silent or vibrate mode.  To reach the other mode press the up volume button to return to the ring mode.  Then press the down button and the phone will change into the opposite silent or vibrate mode that it was in previously.  It's that easy the lowest volume setting simply alternates between vibrate and silent.
Please note that Droid Vol Rocker cannot modify your volume setting until you release the volume button.  To conserve your battery life, you must release the button within 2 seconds of the phone changing from ring to silent/vibrate mode.  If you do not release the button within this 2 second interval, Droid Vol Rocker will close and not modify the volume of your phone for that particular volume press.
Watch the Demo Video for a better understanding.
  • Restores your ability to select Ring, Vibrate, or Silent by using only the volume rocker button on the side of your phone.
  • Eliminates the accidental silencing your phone when you wanted it to vibrate.
  • Won't harm battery life - Droid Vol Rocker does not run continously in the background.  It launches only when you depress the volume button, intercepts the phone's volume command and then closes immediately after setting the volume to the correct volume.  It waits until you release the volume rocker button to complete it's action, however a 2 second timeout has been implemented to prevent the program from running unnecessarly.  The bottom line, everytime you change the volume, the program runs for a Maximum of 2 seconds which serves to minimize the amount of drain on your phone's battery.
Droid Vol Rocker has only one setting Enabled/Disabled.  When Disabled, the program will have no effect on the operation of your volume controls.  Your phone will operate exactly as it did before you installed Droid Rocker Vol.