The Chinese Program

The Chinese Program in the East Asian Languages and Literatures Department at Hamilton College was established in 1989. It offers four years of Chinese language, literature, and culture courses including classical Chinese and film studies, a Chinese concentration and a Chinese minor (since 1998), and a study abroad program ACC in Beijing (since 1996).

The Chinese Program also offers Chinese field studies program (16 US college graduates to be selected to teach at the elementary schools in the rural areas in China during the summer, supported by Fulbright grant), Chinese teacher training program in Beijing (12 U.S. Chinese teachers at high schools to be selected and trained in Beijing, supported by Fulbright and Luce Foundation grant), Chinese summer camp at Hamilton (16-20 middle school students to be selected for this Chinese speaking only summer camp, supported STARTALK), Chinese teacher training program at Hamilton (16 elementary-middle school teachers to be selected and trained at Hamilton College during the summer, supported by STARTALK), Hamilton-BOCES Coordination (for Hamilton Chinese students to teach at BOCES local district schools (supported by FLAP grant), and an international conference TCLT (Technology and Chinese Language Teaching in the 21st Century (supported by Hamilton College since 2000).

The Chinese Program recognizes work in the original language as paramount to understanding China and China related issues. It is designed for the liberal arts education in the 21st century to meet the urgent need for China specialists in the U.S. who are competent in the language and able to study China through the original materials. While emphasizing Professional Proficiency, "The ability to use language for real-world purposes in culturally-appropriate ways" (FILR, ACTFL, CB), its goal is to foster new scholars and professionals who are able to use the language to conduct research with China related issues and to work in China related fields INDISTINGUISIBLE from those well-educated native speakers. (FILR, ACTFL, CB).

The Chinese Concentration

A concentration in Chinese consists of nine courses numbered Chinese 140 or higher, including Chinese 150, 220, 300, a 400-level course (above 430) taken in each semester of the senior year and a required senior project (550), which is recommended to be written in Chinese. A civilization or cultural course offered by another department and concentrating on China may satisfy the 150 requirement. A Chinese minor requires five courses numbered Chinese 140 or higher, including Chinese 150, 220, and 300.

Study Abroad

The Associated Colleges in China (ACC) is the study abroad program in Beijing administered by the East Asian Languages and Literature department at Hamilton College. The ACC program emphasizes individualized instructions with a high level of participation and interaction. The courses at ACC are taught entirely in Chinese and encompass topics in advanced language, Chinese society, economics, politics, religion, art and literature. Prerequisites: two semesters of Chinese and a course in Chinese culture, civilization, or politics, and permission of the ACC director. The ACC program is open to sophomores, juniors and first-semester seniors. It is in principle a full-year program (summer, fall and spring); however, applications may be made for any of the three sessions.

Students of Chinese are strongly encouraged to participate in study abroad programs in China. Students of Chinese are eligible for scholarships with application to Associated Colleges in China (ACC).