Overturff family & Overturff genealogy

May 13, 2012 - I have added references to the Find A Grave Memorials where I have posted photographs of my 3X great grandparents Dorsey & Martha Deffenbaugh Overturff (Memorials #29019624 (Dorsey) and #89884554 (Martha) - Carol Bryant

Dorothy Cunningham has dropped out of sight, but she sent me her spiral-bound Genealogy of the Overturffs ten years ago.  Citation:  Dorothy Cunningham. 1988.  The Overturf Family:  A Compilation of the Ancestry and Descendants of Simon and Mary (Debolt) Overturf. Published by the author, Dorothy Cunningham, 4324 Donley Rd. NW, Middlefield, Ohio, revised and expanded 1995 with an Addendum written by Ursula D. Speth Overturf, of Boppard, Germany.  Ron's sister Carol Bryant has written short biographies for this site.  See Carol's Overturff lineage attached at the end of this webpage.  You can email Ron's sister at cabryant2@gmail.com.

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I've collected information about my Iowa ancestors for years, including newspaper clippings, but none of that is available to me here.

Original Immigrant & Father of Valentine:

Balthasar Oberdorf was born before 1698 probably in Dietenhan or Kembach, County of Wertheim, Wurtemburg, Germany and died in Eastern Pennsylvania on an unknown date.  He was the son of Balthasar (born around 1656) and Margaretha Oberdorf (died on 24 Dec. 1724, a widow).  He married Magdalena Oberdorf from Dietenhan on 15 Feb. 1718.  She was the daughter of Jacob and Anna Barbara Oberdorf.  Balthasar, Jr. and Magdalena arrived at the Port of Philadelphia on September 24, 1753 aboard the Ship Neptune with three children:  Valentin, Anna Dorothea and Anna Barbara (probably).

The children of Balthasar and Magdalena (Oberdorf) Oberdorf were:

                                      BORN                           BAPTIZED                     DIED                BURIED

1.  Eva Maria              18 Aug 1719              19 Aug 1719                 5 Nov 1795

2.  Anna Margaretha   15 Jul 1721               15 Jul 1721

3.  Hans Balthasar      14 Feb 1724               15 Feb 1724

4.  Johann Georg           4 Mar 1727               4 Mar 1727              21 Mar 1730    22 Mar

5.  Dorothea                16 May 1729             16 May 1729                5 Jul 1729       6 Jul

6.  Anna Dorothea        27 Jun 1730             28 Jun 1730

7.  Johannes Wendel   16 Mar 1733           17 Mar 1733

8.  Johann Valentin           Oct 1735               29 Oct 1735                 1800

9.  Anna Barbara              Jul 1738               15 Jul 1738

All of this information was taken from the book by Dorothy Cunningham “THE OVERTURF FAMILY: A compilation of the Ancestry and Descendants of Simon and Mary (Debolt) Overturff (published by the author, Dorothy Cunningham, 4324 Donley Rd. NW, Middlefield, OH, 1988, revised and expanded 1995).” - Carol Bryant,  email:  cabryant2@gmail.com, 5/19/2011.

First Generation:

1.  Valentine Overturf/Oberdorf was bapt. 29 October 1735 in Dietenhan, Wertheim Co., GER. and died in Bracken Co., KY around 1800. His wife Agnes Elizabeth Pepperell was born around 1740 (locality unknown) and died in Fayette Co., PA after 1790.  They were married  26 September 1759 in Old Swedes Church, New Castle, DE. (Thanks to Jane McCann Walsh for citation).

The children of [#1] Valentine and Agnes Elizabeth (Pepperell) Overturf/Oberdorf [son of Balthasar] were:

11.  John/Johannes - b. 28 July 1760 in York Co., PA, d. 9 Oct 1836 in Fayette. Co., PA; married to Elizabeth Remley before Oct 1784. (John  Senior's biography is attached at the end of this website).

12.  Martin - b. 18 October 1762 in York Co., PA, d. 1843 in Ripley Co., IN; married Catherine Deitch on 3 July 1783 in Washington Co., PA.  He is DAR Ancestor #A085154.

13.  Catherine - bapt. 1766

14.  Anna Maria - b. 22 December 1767

15.  Simon - b. 2 January 1771 in York Co., PA, d. 24 March 1820 in Newton Twp., Licking Co., OH; married to Mary Debolt about 1793.

16.  Samuel - b. 2 January 1771 in York Co., PA, prob. died in a year

17.  Conrad - b. 6 May 1774 in York Co., PA, d. March 1848 in Bracken Co., KY; married to Nancy Ann Collins on 17 September 1797.

With the exception of the marriage citation (above), all of this information was taken from the book by Dorothy Cunningham “THE OVERTURF FAMILY: A compilation of the Ancestry and Descendants of Simon and Mary (Debolt) Overturff (published by the author, Dorothy Cunningham, 4324 Donley Rd. NW, Middlefield, OH, 1988, revised and expanded 1995).”  - Carol Bryant,  cabryant2@gmail.com, 5/18/2011.

Second Generation:

11.  John Overturff Sr. was born 28 July 1760 in York County, PA and died in German Twp., Fayette Co., PA on 9 October 1836. His wife was Elizabeth Remley who was born bet. 1760 - 1764 in Fayette Co., PA and died in Fayette Co., PA on 16 September 1845.  They were married before Oct 1784 at Fayette Co., PA.  John, Senior, was Ensign of the 6th Company of the 2nd Regiment of the Militia of the Fayette County PA Brigade during the Revolutionary War.  He is DAR Ancestor #A206067.  His last name is spelled with 2 f's on his pension papers from the PA State Archives.

The children of [#11] John and Elizabeth (Remley) Overturff [son of Johannes Valentin, son of Balthasar] were:

111.  A child - b. 27 Oct 1784, d. 8 Nov 1795 in Fayette Co., PA. 

112.  John/Johannes - b. 28 Dec 1786, d. 6 Nov 1871; buried in Overturff-Hudgin Cemetery, Pine Bank, Greene Co., PA with wife Sarah Allison Overturff. 

113.  Mary - b. 1787, d. 1870; buried in Church Hill (McClellandtown Presbyterian Church) Cemetery, Fayette Co., PA with husband John Coldren. 

114.  Jacob - b. abt. 1793, d. 29 Oct 1869; served in the War of 1812; buried in Cedar Hill cemetery, Newark, Licking Co., OH.   Circa 1813 he was married to Margaret Parks (b. 5 July 1793 in PA and d. 5 July 1871). 

115.  Elizabeth - b. 10 Oct 1796. 

116.   Jesse (twin) aka Isac  - b. 9 Feb 1801, d. 1 Oct 1880; buried in Overturff-Hudgin Cemetery, Pine Bank, Greene Co., PA.  He married Martha Graves. 

117.  Conrad (twin) - b. 9 Feb 1801, d. 31 Oct 1872; buried in Scioto Co., OH.  He married (1) Rhoda Kendall (b. 9 Dec 1808 and d. 19 Apr 1837) and (2) Rachel Kendall (d. 30 Oct 1874). 

The Biography of John Overturff, Senior is attached at the bottom of this website.  See the literature cited in the biography for all the credits. - Carol Bryant, 5/18/2011.  If you have questions or corrections please email me at: cabryant2@gmail.com.

15.  Simon Overturf was born 2 January 1771 in York Co., PA and died 24 March 1820 in Newton Twp., Licking County, OH.  His wife Mary Debolt was born 2 February 1775 in Fayette. Co., PA and died 29 July 1849 in Delaware Co., OH.  They were married about 1793 in Fayette Co., PA.

The children of [#15] Simon and Mary (Debolt) Overturf [son of Valentine, son of Balthasar] were:

151.  Solomon - b. 20 June 1794 in Fayette Co., PA, d. 6 Mar 1846; buried in Lake Cemetery, Liberty Twp, Licking Co., OH; married (1) Elizabeth McLain (d. 5 Aug 1828) on 5 Dec. 1816 & (2) Elizabeth Griffy (d. 12 June 1881) on 25 Dec. 1829 in Perry Co., OH.

152.  Elizabeth - b. 10 June 1796 in Fayette Co., PA, d. 25 July 1886; buried in Green Hill Cem. at Johnstown, Licking Co., OH with her husband John Payne (16May 1786-18Nov 1854).

153.  George - b. 22 Dec. 1798 in Fayette Co., PA, d. 6 June 1862; buried in Lake Cem., Licking Co., OH with his wife Jane McClain (4 Nov 1797-6 Jun 1862); married on 18/19 Oct 1821.

154.  Eli - b. 6 Apr. 1801 in Fayette Co., PA, d. 22 Aug 1864; buried in Mount Mariah Cem, Bloomfield, Davis Co., IA with his wife Catherine Abrams; married on 2 Apr 1822.

155.  Simon - b. 28 Nov. 1803 in Fayette Co., PA, d. 12 Aug 1890; buried in Redmon Cem, Irving, IA; married (1) Lydia Bonham on 21 Feb. 1828 (d. 14 Sep 1856) (2) Nancy O. Johnson.

156.  Minerva - b. 28 Feb. 1806 in Fayette Co., PA, d. 5 Oct 1864 in Mt. Gilead, Morrow Co., OH; married on 23 Oct 1823 to Jacob Eccles (d. 4 Nov 1849).

157.  Orpha - b. 17 July 1807 in Fayette Co., PA, d. before 1860 in Polk Co., MO; married on 10 Jan 1828 to John Delaplain.

158.  Jeremiah D.- b. May 1811 in Licking Co., OH, d. 19 Apr 1901 in Denison, Sherman Co., Tx; married Margaret around 1829.

159.  Mariah - b. 16 May 1813 in Licking Co., OH, d. 25 Jan 1852; buried Welsh Family Cem., Polk Co., MO; married Barnet Welsh around 1830.   

15A.  William Martin - b. 25/27 Oct. 1815 in  Licking Co., OH, d. 13 Oct 1876; buried Old Eden Cem., Delaware Co., OH; married Nancy Catherine Fulk (d. 3 Jan 1857) on 17 Feb 1835.

All of this information was taken from the book by Dorothy Cunningham “THE OVERTURF FAMILY: A compilation of the Ancestry and Descendants of Simon and Mary (Debolt) Overturff (published by the author, Dorothy Cunningham, 4324 Donley Rd. NW, Middlefield, OH, 1988, revised and expanded 1995).”  -  Carol Bryant, 5/21/2011.  email:  cabryant2@gmail.com.


Third Generation:

112. John Overturff, Jr. was born 28 December 1786 in German Twp., Fayette Co., PA and died at Pine Bank, Greene Co., PA on 6 November 1871.  His wife was Sarah M. Allison who was born 4 September 1785 in Fayette Co., PA and died at Pine Bank, Greene Co., PA on 9 March 1863.  They were married about 1803 at Fayette Co., PA.  They are buried in Overturff-Hudgin Cemetery, Pine Bank, Greene Co., PA.  See Find A Grave Memorials #83561236 and #83565328 for pictures of the tombstones.

The children of [#112] John and Sarah Ann (Allison) Overturff [son of John, son of Johannes Valentin, son of Balthasar] were:

1121.  Dorsey - b. 19 Jan 1806 in Fayette Co., PA, d. 17 Nov 1867; buried in Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Village Twp., Van Buren Co., IA with wife Martha (Magdalena) Deffenbaugh.

1122.  Elizabeth - b. 27 May 1809 in Fayette Co., PA, d. Aug 1810 in Fayette Co., PA

1123.  Mary Ann - b. 15 May 1811 in Fayette Co., PA, d. 6 Dec 1873; married to Levi Hoge on 3 Sep 1834.  Levi was b. 26 Dec 1804,  d. 15 May 1862.

1124.  James - b. 9 Nov 1813 in Fayette Co., PA, d. 9 Apr 1855; buried in Holy Ghost Cemetery, City of St. Louis, MO; married to Abigail Rose.

1125.  John Allison - b. 26 Mar 1816 in Fayette Co., PA, d. 18 Sep 1854; buried in Overturff-Hudgin Cemetery at Pine Bank, Greene Co., PA. with wife Laura Gay Hudgin.

1126.  Elizabeth Jane - b. 27 Mar 1821 in Fayette Co., PA; d. 2 Oct 1836; buried in Overturff-Hudgin Cemetery at Pine Bank, Greene Co., PA.

1127.  Sarah - b. 23 May 1823 in Fayette Co., PA, d. 31 October 1898; buried in Bethel Church Cemetery, Gilmore Twp., Greene Co., PA with her husband Solomon Hoge (27  Jun 1815 - 6 Dec 1874). 

I am working on a biography of John Overturff, Jr.  I would particularly like to know where Levi and Mary Ann (Overturff) Hoge are buried.   - Carol Bryant,  email:  cabryant2@gmail.com, 5/18/2011.

Fourth Generation:

1121.  Dorsey Overturff was born 19 Jan 1806 in Pennsylvania, according to his tombstone and the 1850 & 1860 censuses ofBrownsville,  Pennsylvania and Van Buren Co., Iowa.  He married Martha Deffenbaugh before leaving PA.   She was born 28 Mar 1808, also in PA according to Lloyd Deffenbaugh family information.   Martha was a daughter of Jacob and Eva (Everly) Deffenbaugh according to his will.  Before leaving PA, Dorsey reported his occupation to be that of a ship pattern maker.  Apparently that was a highly skilled, well-paying job before the days of computers.  Dorsey died 17 Nov 1867; Martha’s will was probated in 1877 in Van Buren Co.  They were buried in Van Buren Co., IA at Mt. Moriah Cemetery .  Dorsey and Martha were the parents of seven children as found on the censuses:

                                                                     *    *    *    *    *

1121.  Dorsey Overturff [#1121] was born 19 January 1806 in German Twp., Fayette Co., PA and died at Selma, Van Buren Co., IA on 17 November 1867.  His wife was Martha (Magdalena) Deffenbaugh who was born 28 March 1808 in German Twp., Fayette Co., PA and died at Selma, Van Buren Co., IA.  Her will was published on 28 February 1877.  Martha’s parents were Jacob and Eva (Everly) Deffenbaugh.  Dorsey and Martha were married on 11 March 1826 at Fayette Co., PA.  They are buried in Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Village Twp., Van Buren Co., IA.  See Find A Grave Memorials #29019624 and #89884554 for photos of my 3X Great grandparents.

The children of [#1121] Dorsey and Martha (Deffenbaugh) Overturff [son of John, Jr., son of John, Sr., son of Valentin, son of Balthasar] were:

11211.  Everella - b. 19 Jan 1831 in Fayette Co., PA, d. 1893 in (?)Jefferson Co., IA; buried in Maple Hill Cemetery, Birmingham, IA with her husband John W. Cole.  They were married 25 Apr 1850 in Brownsville, Fayette Co., PA.

11212.  Jacob Tilson - b. 13 Sep 1835 in Fayette Co., PA, d. 1 Aug 1903 in Selma, Van Buren Co., IA; buried in Mt. Moriah Cemetery with his second wife.  Jacob was married (1) to Sarah A. Davis (d. 6 Sep 1858, no issue) and (2) to Sarah Josephine Walker (1 Sep 1844-23 Oct1930) on 28 Nov 1865.  “Phene” was the daughter of Zachariah and Lydia (Thomas) Walker.  During the Civil War Jacob served with Company H, of the 5th Iowa Infantry.

11213.  Allen - b. 29 Dec 1836 in Fayette Co., PA, d. 4 Jun 1911 in Selma, Van Buren Co., IA; buried in Mt. Moriah Cemetery with his wife Sarah Alice Correll (29 Nov 1842-24 Nov 1889).  They were married on 29 March 1860 at the home of her guardians, Benjamin & Martha (Graham) Casner in Van Buren Co., IA.  Sarah’s parents are unknown; both born in OH.

11214.  George W. - b. 1839 in Fayette Co., PA, d. 22 Sep 1864 at Andersonville Prison, GA. He was a Sargent in Company H, of the 5th Iowa Infantry.  Never married.

11215.  Ellen Maria - b. 1846 in Brownsville, Fayette Co., PA, d. 28 Jun 1932 in Emporia, KS; buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Emporia, Lyon Co., KS with her husband John Harvey Thomas (7 Mar 1841-25 Apr 1911).  Harvey Thomas was the son of Ross, Jr. and Mary Jane (Gillespie) Thomas.  Ellen and Harvey were married on 11 Nov 1869 at her mother’s home in rural Selma, Village Twp., Van Buren Co., IA.  During the Civil War John Harvey Thomas served with Company C of the 11th Kansas Infantry.

11216.  Torrence W. - b. 1849 in Fayette Co., PA, d. 13 Nov 1876 in Lyon Co., KS; buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Emporia, Lyon Co., KS with his sister Ellen Thomas.  Never married.

11217.  Laura Lilly - b. 20 Feb 1852 in Fayette Co., PA, d. 8 Jun 1876 in Van Buren Co., IA; buried in Mt. Moriah Cemetery.  Never married. - Carol Bryant,  email:  cabryant2@gmail.com,  5/22/11.

Fifth Generation:

Allen  Overturff [#11213] was born 29 December 1836 in Fayette Co., PA and died at Selma, Van Buren Co., IA on 4 June 1911; buried in Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Village Twp., Van Buren Co., IA.  His wife was Sarah Alice Correll who was born 29 November 1842 in Ohio and died on 24 November 1889 in Van Buren Co.  Allen and Sarah Alice were married on 29 March 1860 at the home of her guardians, Benjamin & Margaret (Graham) Casner in Van Buren Co., IA.  Sarah’s parents are unknown; both born in OH.  Around 1846 Allen’s family moved from McClellandtown, PA to Brownsville, PA.  In 1852 they moved to Van Buren Co., Iowa.

The children of [#11213] Allen and Sarah Alice (Correll) Overturff [Dorsey4, John, Jr.3, John, Sr.2, Valentin1, Balthasar] were:

112131.  Effie May - b. 29 Dec 1861 in Van Buren Co., IA, d. 26 May 1947 in Mt. Zion, Van Buren Co., IA; buried in Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Van Buren Co., IA.  Effie May married Lewis Casner Mechem on 20 Dec 1881 at Selma, Van Buren Co., IA.  Casner was b. 11 July 1854 in Abington, Jefferson Co., IA, d. 5 July 1903 at Houston, Harris Co., TX, the son of Edmund and Jemima (Graham) Mechem.

112132.  Dorsey Nelson - b. 20 Oct1863, d. 16 Aug 1952 in Van Buren Co., IA.  Never married.

112133.  Lillie Belle - b. 1866, d. 1950 in Van Buren Co., IA.  Married John E. Lewis (1861-1930).  No issue.

112134.  Mary - b. 6 June 1868 in Van Buren Co., IA, d. 7 Jan 1944 in Monrovia, CA; married Charlie Cramlet.

112135.  Martha - b. 1871 in Van Buren Co., IA, d. 11 September 1908 in Van Buren Co., IA.  Married on 06 January 1900 in Eldon, IA to Charles Curtis Byers, son of William Jacob & Mary (Morton) Byers.

112136.  Harry - b. 22 June 1873 in Van Buren Co., IA, d. 26 June 1930 in Muscatine, IA. His wife was Mabel Helen Miller b. 31 May 1875 at Libertyville, IA, d. 8 December 1974 at Batavia, IA, daughter of Hiel Dunamore and Mary Elizabeth (Moyer) Miller.  Harry and Mabel were married 21 April 1909 at Libertyville, IA.  Buried at Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Van Buren Co., IA.

112137.  George A. - b.  21 August 1875, d. 25 September 1906 in Van Buren Co., IA.  Never married.

112138.  Benjamin - b. 1877 in Van Buren Co., IA, d.  28 August 1954 in Monrovia, CA.;  married Bertha Morrow in 1902; no issue.

112139.  Simon - b. 11 Jan 1880 in Van Buren Co., IA, d. 26 Jun 1958 in Ottumwa, Wapello Co., IA.  On 28 Sep 1910, Simon was married  to Myrtle Alice Armentrout in  Selma, Van Buren Co., IA.  Myrtle was b. 24 May 1883 in Van Buren Co., IA,  d. 14 Jul 1960 in Wapello Co., IA, the daughter of Jason Coke & Margaret (Kirkpatrick) Armentrout.   Simon & Myrtle are buried in Iowaville Cem., Village Twp., Van Buren Co., IA.

11213A.  Margaret Samantha - b. 1882, d. 1930 in Van Buren Co., IA,  married before 1910 Austin A. Nutt who was b. 1877, d. 1930, the son of Owen and Caroline Nutt.  They died as a result of an automobile accident December 18, 1930 near Ottumwa.  Maggie & Austin were buried in Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Van Buren Co., IA.

11213B.  Gardner D. - b. 14 February, 1889, d. 25 July, 1889 in Van Buren Co., IA.

Carol Bryant, 5 June 2011,  email:  cabryant2@gmail.com




1. Mechem Family History by Ray Mechem, 1986

2. Death record (names his parents, Dorsey Overturff and Martha Deffenbaugh [Carol, is this true?]).[It would be nice to link to a photo of the death record]

3. Will record, Keosauqua, Iowa [transcribe and link to photo]

4. Obituary [Ditto - nice to link to photo]

5. Tombstone [similarly - link to photo]


Sixth Generation:


112131.  Effie May Overturff was born 29 Dec 1861 in Selma, Iowa and married Lewis Casner Mechem on 20 Dec 1881 in Van Buren Co., IA.  He was born 11 Jul 1854 at Abington, Iowa a son of Edmund and Jemima (Graham) Mechem.

Casner Mechem moved the family to Mankato, Kansas and then to Hill City, KS before taking a job working for the railroad in Texas.  He died 5 Jul 1903 in Houston, Texas.  The body was brought back to Kansas for burial in Hope Cemetery, Mankato, Kansas.

Effie May returned with the children to Kansas several years later and eventually returned to Iowa where she died 26 May 1947 at Mt. Zion, Iowa.
Effie May and Casner Mechem had six children:
1121311.  Allen Edmund Mechem, m. Jenny (?)
1121312.  Willie Mechem, b. 1884
1121313.  Mary (Mamie) Mechem, b. 2/15/1886, school teacher who never married

1121314.  unnamed twin Mechem, b. 2/15/1886                                    

1121315.  Nellie Mechem, b. 21 Jan 1888, d. 27 Oct 1954, m. Robert Linn Beatty
1121316.  Alma Mechem, never married


0. Family records

1. Mechem Family History by Ray Mechem, 1986



Casner Mechem was a surveyor.  He was working for the railroad when he died in Houston.

Seventh Generation:

1121315.  Nellie Mechem was born 21 Jan 1888 in a sod house near Hill City, Kansas and married Robert Linn Beatty  on 29 Dec 1914 in Mankato, Kansas as recorded on Jewell Co., KS marriage license  #2942 and in their obituaries (see transcriptions below).  Linn was born 29 Jun 1886 on the family farm near Keosauqua, Iowa, a son of William and Agnes (Gibb) Beatty according to his obituary and the Van Buren County death record.  Grandad was a rural mail carrier who drove a jeep!  He was tall, 6'6", and very strong.  His favorite adult hobby was photography.  He was a lifelong member of the Methodist Church.  Linn taught school at Russell and Pleasant Plain (north of Selma) before his marriage and afterwards until Harlynn was born.  By the time Shirley was born, he was farming.  Harlynn Edmun was named after his uncle Allen Edmund, but uncle Allen never acknowledged the letter announcing that, so Harlynn was told that his name was Harlynn Mechem .. until he was preparing to enter the army .. when his dad told him that his name was really Harlynn Edmun !!  Uncle Allen Mechem had a job in Washington, D.C. for Linn.  He had invented a car and Linn would have a good job as it went into production.  When Eleanor was three, the family traveled to Washington for two weeks, but when they arrived there was no job.  What's worse, Nellie didn't care much for Allen's wife, Jennie.  The family came home.  Harlynn's diaper provided one of the memorable incidents of that trip.  Nellie was washing it in a stream when it got away and floated downstream.  After the trip to Washington, D.C., the family lived in New London, Iowa for a month or two.  Linn worked for the railroad as a mechanic in the roundhouse in Burlington for a year or two while living in Mt. Pleasant on Harrison.  They then moved to Mt. Zion where Linn bought and ran his own garage and blacksmith shop across the street from the Mt. Zion store.  He ran a forge and fixed whatever was brought in.  The girls tended the shop whenever Linn was out on a call.  They were strictly instructed to close up the shop if the Gypsies came.  Gypsies were a plague at that time.  They would arrive in carloads and steal you blind.  A couple would distract and divert your attention while the rest of them took anything not nailed down.  Shirley started school in Mt. Zion.  Around 1930 or 31, Linn was appointed the rural mail carrier out of Mt. Zion.  When that office closed, he transferred to Keosauqua.  The family moved to Keosauqua late in 1936.  All the family possessions were lost in a house fire in October of 1936.  The family suspected that Harlynn ?? had left a fire burning which caused the fire, but that was never mentioned to him.  (Eleanor, is this right?)  Linn enjoyed travel and took the family on several memorable trips, one to Salt Lake City.  During the trip to Yellowstone a bear got into the model T and ripped up everything trying to get the bacon.  They had to back up one mountain that was too steep to drive up forwards.
Nellie died 27 Oct 1954 at the Davis County Hospital, Iowa and was buried at Forbes Cemetery in Van Buren County, Iowa.  After her death, Linn married Helen Dickey on 3 Dec 1955, but they had no children.  Helen had one adopted son, brother of Ruth Eloise.  Linn died 17 Jun 1970 in the Van Buren County Hospital in Keosauqua and is buried with Nellie at Forbes Cemetery.  They had five children and adopted another girl:

11213151  Shirley May Beatty, b. 11 Sep 1917, d. ?, m. John Estel Craig    3,5,0

11213153  Harlynn Edmund Beatty, b. 11/10/1921, d. 10/ 7/1983  Lucille Rambo               3,5,0

11213154  Charlene Marie Beatty, b. 1/31/1925, d. 2/25/1926                      3,0

11213155  Winona Alma Beatty, b. 10/ 2/1926, d. 2/27/1986                       3,0

11213156  Ruth Eloise Beatty (adopted), b.  2/20/1935, m.  Jack Darden      3,0



0. family records of Eleanor Strait, their daughter.

1. Marriage License #2942, Jewell county, Kansas.

2. Death records, Keosauqua courthouse, Volume 3, page 536.

3. Obituary, Keosauqua Register.

4. Obituary, Keosauqua Register, November 11, 1954.

5. Census, 1925, Iowa.




There were hard feelings between Linn and Roy after their parents deaths.  Linn built a house on the family property (Eleanor guesses about 1915.)  When the war broke out, Linn moved from the house so that Roy could occupy it and stay out of the war (being exempt as the head of house.)  After the death of their father, Linn and Roy could not agree upon a division of the family property, so it was sold.  The court record states, "That the owners of the above described real estate are unable to mutually agree upon a division thereof."  It appraised for $8,800 and was sold to Roy for $11,000.  Linn received 4,802.62 as his 1/2 after fees, etc were subtracted.


Nellie was born in a sod house near Hill City, Kansas.  Ken has a picture.


All those Overturff women wore a really tight corset.  Eleanor and Shirley remember their mother wearing a corset forever, even when she was thin.


Shirley has the following letters from Nellie to Linn Beatty, etc.

I have a note: August 1913 in Topeka at Aunt Lura's (James Harlan's wife)

9/19/1913  ... grandmother's birthday ... cousin from Seattle.

10/8/1913  Miss Selena Graham ... she and Ruby (both my cousins) went back to Ohio last summer ... Selena's brother and family.

6/23/1914 My cousin Mary Dicken ... there (Seattle, Wash) ... Aunt Maggie

          Mr Floyd Mechem  Kansas City, Mo   from Kirke Mechem  Topeka, Kansas



12/29/1914 @ Mankato, Kansas  marriage of Robert Linn Beatty  28 to Nellie Mechem  26

"State of Kansas, Jewell County, ss.    Office of the Probate Judge of Said County


 Be it remembered, that on this 29th day of December, A.D. 1914, there  was issued from the office of said Probate Court a Marriage License, of  which the following is a true copy:


 No. 2942             MARRIAGE LICENSE


 In the Probate Court of Jewell County                Dec. 29th 1914


 To any person Authorized by Law to Perform the Marriage Ceremony,  Greeting:

               You are hereby authorized to join in Marriage

 Robert Linn Beatty of Mt. Zion, Iowa    Age 28

 Nellie Mechem      of Mankato, Kansas   Age 26

        with the consent of ___________________

        and of this license, duly endorsed, you will make due return to

        the office of the State Registrar of Vital Statistics, at Topeka,

        immediately after performing the ceremony.

                   A. Teeple,  Probate Judge


 This marriage was performed by H.M. Templin, Clergyman,

                   at Mankato, Ks. Dec. 29 - 1914



Married, at the home of the bride's mother in Mankato, by Rev. H.M. Templin, on Tuesday, December 29, 1914, Mr. Robert Linn Beatty of Mt. Zion, Iowa, and Miss Nellie Mechem of Mankato.  The happy couple left on the afternoon train for Mt. Zion, where they will make their home and where the friends of the bride in this community hope health and happiness may attend them.


The Western Advocate  Friday, January 1, 1915, page 4 column 4



1925 Iowa state Census

C.A.    Campbell  head  MW 54 MO 30000           54         8

Doris   Campbell  wife  FW 36 M                  36        11

Robert  Campbell        MW 12 S                  12         6

Mona    Campbell        FW 10 S                  10         5

Margret Campbell        FW  8 S                   8         2

David   Campbell        MW  5 S                   5

Ruth    Campbell        FW  2 S                   2


R.L.    Beatty    head  MW 37 MR                 37        12  2

Nellie  Beatty    wife  FW 36 M                  16

Shirley Beatty          FW  7 S                   7         2

Eleanor Beatty          FW  5 S                   5

Harlynn Beatty          MW  3 S                   3



"  Mr. & Mrs. Rex Strait and family attended a family dinner Wednesday at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Linn Beatty at Keosauqua.  Other guests were Mr. &  Mrs. Harlan Beatty and family of Kewanee, Ill., Mr. & Mrs. Paul Johnston and family and Mr. & Mrs. John Craig and Terry of Milton."

Van Buren County Register  Sept. 5, 1957  page 8.



The LIFE STORY of Nellie Mechem Beatty.

  Nellie Mechem Beatty, daughter of Casner and Effie Mechem, was born Jan. 21, 1888 near Hill City, Kan. and passed away Oct. 27, 1954 in the Davis County hospital.  At the age of four her family moved to Houston, Tex. where they lived until she was graduated from high school.  In 1906 the family moved to Iowa and made their home with her grandfather Overturff near Selma.  The rest of her life was spent in Iowa except for a brief period in Mankato, Kan., where she was united in marriage to Linn Beatty, Dec. 29, 1914.  To this union were born five children.  One daughter, Charlene Marie, passed away in infancy.  She is survived by her husband Linn, daughters Mrs. Shirley Craig and Mrs. Winona Johnston of Milton, Mrs. Eleanor Strait of Keosauqua, son Harlynn Beatty of Champaign, Ill. and an adopted daughter, Mrs. Ruth Parker of Des Moines.  Also surviving are ten grandchildren, one sister, Mamie Mechem of Mt. Zion and one brother Allen Mechem of Pasadena, Calif.  She was a member of the Keosauqua Methodist chrrch and taught the primary department of the sunday school.  She belonged to the Women's Christian Temperance Union and also to the Ladies Aid in Mt. Zion of which she had been a member for about 30 years.  Her greatest pride was in her family and especially her grandchildren, whom she loved dearly.  Her passing leaves a void that will never be filled.  Funeral was at the Methodist church, Saturday, Oct. 30.  Burial at Forbes cemetery.


Keosauqua Register, November 11, 1954.



"Entered Into Eternal Rest   Wednesday, June 17, 1970

 Linn Beatty

 KEOSAUQUA - Linn Beatty, 83, died at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in Van Buren County Memorial Hospital, where he had been a patient since Jan. 28.   The son of Wiliam and Abnes Gibb Beatty, he was born June 29, 1885 near Keosauqua.  He had been a rural mail carrier for 26 years.  On Dec. 29, 1914 he married Nellie Mechem who died in 1954.  On Dec. 3, 1955 he married Helen Dickey who survives.   Also surviving are a son, Harlynn at Trenton, Ill.; four daughters, Mrs. Shirley Craig of Milton, Mrs. Eleanor Strait and Mrs. Winona Johnston, both of Keosauqua and Mrs. Ruth Darden of Des Moines; a stepson, Richard Dickey, stationed in Germany with the Army; and 18 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.   The service will be at 2 p.m, Saturday at the United Methodist Church with burial in Forbes Cemetery.  The Rev. James M. Ford will officiate.   Catcott Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements."

Obituary        Ottumwa Daily Courier       June 18, 1970



"Robert Linn Beatty, son of William and Agnes Gibb Beatty, was born June 29, 1886 near Keosauqua and passed away on June 17, 1970 at the Van Buren County Hospital.  He and Nellie Mechem were united in marriage on December 29, 1914 and to this union were born 5 children; Mrs. Shirley Craig, Milton; Mrs. Eleanor Strait, Keosauqua; Harlynn Beatty, Trenton, Illinois; Mrs. Winona Johnston, Lebanon and an infant daughter Charlene Marie, who preceded him in death.  Later Mrs. Ruth Darden of Des Moines was adopted by the couple.  His wife, Nellie, passed away October 27, 1954.  On December 3, 1955, he married Helen Dickey who survives as does a stepson Richard Dickey, located in Germany with the Armed Forces. He was a member of the Keosauqua Methodist Church and for 26 years was a rural mail carrier out of Mt. Zion and later the Keosauqua routes.  Preceding him in death were his parents and his brothers and sisters, Ida and Nellie, Herman and Roy, all of Keosauqua.  Also surviving are 9 grandchildren, 6 foster grandchildren, 4 step grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren."

Unpublished obituary written by his daughter, Eleanor.


"Death of Little Girl at Mt. Zion

   Charlene Marie Beatty, the youngest child of Linn and Nellie Beatty, was born Jan. 30, 1925, at Mt. Zion, Iowa, and departed this life Feb. 25, 1926.  She was never a strong shild, but she was of a loving and sweet disposition.   Her dear little smile will be greatly missed by father, mother, sisters Shirley and Eleanor and little brother Aarlynn (sic)."

Eighth Generation:

11213153.  Harlynn Edmun Beatty was born 10 Nov 1921 near Selma, Iowa                          3,2,4

Mother:   Lucille Rambo                                                  1

Marriage: August  24, 1942   Place: Memphis, Missouri                    1

Birth:    January 29, 1922   Place: Keosauqua, Iowa                      1

Parents:  Rex Vale Rambo   and Bertha Camblin              1
Harlynn married Helen M. (Seibel) Mitchell                                     2 
14 Apr 1972     Place: Dome at SIUE, Edwardsville, Illinois 2,1

Parents:  Henry J. Seibel                and Anna C. Munie               2

Death:    October  7, 1983   Place: Mt. Olive, Illinois                  3,4

Burial:                      Place: Valhalla Gardens of Memory, Belleville, IL 3,4

Harlynn and Lucille had four children, one of whom was:

  Ronald Stephen Beatty, b. 12 May 1947, never married           1,4



1. Personal knowledge of their son, Ron.

2. Marriage License, Edwardsville, Illinois, April 12, 1972.

3. Death Certificate, Macoupin County, Illinois, October 11, 1983.

4. Obituary, Belleville News-Democrat, October 9, 1983, page 5.



Dad was an enthusiastic athlete, amateur photographer and professional engineer.  He won local golf tournaments using only three clubs, played basketball into his fortys and was a very fast runner in his youth.  He was a Communications Chief Sargeant in the Army during WW II (ETO), graduated BSEE from Iowa State in 1949 and worked as a electrical engineer and later as a corrosion control engineer until retirement.  He was a firm disciplinarian and taught his children respect for others.

Once he left Keosauqua, he certainly got around.  The army sent him to boot camp in ??, to electricians school in Connecticut and into the war in Europe.  The GI bill helped him through school in Ames.  We lived in three different houses in Ames and three more in Kewanee, Illinois.  After that he lived in Belleville, Trenton and Belleville again for the remainder of his life.


Army of the United States

Separation Qualification Record


Beatty, Harlynn E.

Army Serial #: 37 427 398     Grade:  SGT

Address:  Keosauqua, Iowa

Date of entry into active service:  29 Aug 1942

Date of separation:                  6 Dec 1945

Date of birth:                      10 Nov 1921

Place of separation:                Camp Grant, Ill.

Military occupation assignments:    3 months PVT  Artillery Basic       521

                                   37 months SGT Communications Chief   524

Communications chief 542: Supervised a communication section in the installation, operation and maintenance of the following communication facilities; wire, radio and air ground contact.  Supervised the laying, maintenance and recovery of wire.  Directed telephone, telegraph and radio operations in receipt and transmission of calls and messages.

Served in ETO for 14 months.

Military education:

   Searchlight school, Sch'dy QM Depot - N.Y.  6 weeks in 1942.

   Sound Ranging School, Ft. Sill, Okla.  4 weeks in 1944.  Instruction included both theory and practical work in all types of equipment employed by the Army in Communication work.

Civilian education:

   completed 12th grade with a diploma in 1939 from Keosauqua H.S.

Civilian occupations:

   Butter Churner 4-06.330:  Worked for Keosauqua Cooperative Creamery, Keosauqua, Ia., from Aug. 1939 to Aug. 1942 and churned butter and tested it for moisture content.  Other duties were to grade, weigh and sample cream and test it for butter fat content.


HQ 8th FA OBSN BN  Certification of Awards     31 August 1945

Harlynn E. Beatty   ASN  37427398

is authorized to wear the following service medals: decorations and a Bronze Service Star on his European-African-Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon for battle participation in each of the Campaigns indicated below:

Medal, Decorations    Auth:      HQ of issue:       Date:

and Campaigns:

EAMET                 Cir #1     War Dept            1 Jan 43

Good Conduct          SO # 13    291st FA Obsn Bn   30 Jan 45

Bronze Star           GO # 360   78th Inf. Div.     29 Jul 45

Ardennes              Ltr 200.6  ETOUSA             21 Jun 45

Rhineland             Ltr 200.6  ETOUSA             28 Jun 45

Central Europe        Ltr 200.6  ETOUSA             26 Jun 45

By order of Lt. Col. Calvin A.L. Dickey


A Roster of Van Buren Co., Iowa Veterans of Foreign Wars 1898-1975  pub 1980 by Clem Topping

p 47.  Beatty, Harlyn Edmun  res. Keosauqua  b. Nov. 10, 1921; served in Army, Aug. 15, 1942 to Dec. 6, 1945.



Harlynn E. Beatty - Electrical Engineer

Address - Box 151, Scott AFB, Illinois.  Tel. No. - Alpine 6-2741

Born - Nov. 10, 1921 at Selma, Iowa.  Height - 6'0"  Weight - 190 #

Married  - 4 children  - Methodist.


  Keosauqua High School - Keosauqua, Iowa - 1939

  Norwich U. - Northfield, Vt.  )  Basic Engineering  - 1944

  C.C.N.Y.  - New York          )

  Iowa State U.  - Ames, Iowa  - B.S.E.E.  - 1949

Additionsl Training:

  Transformer Principles  - Illinois Power Co.  - 1955


Hobbies  - Photography and Coin Collecting

Sports  - Golf and Bowling


Passport in possession of son, Ron.


"              MARRIAGE LICENSE

       The People of the State of Illinois



 To any Person legally authorized to solemnize Marriage


         Marriage may be celebrated

 Between Mr. Harlynn E. Beatty of Collinsville

 in the County of Madison and State of Illinois

 of the age of  -50-  years and

 M  Helen M. Mitchell  of Collinsville

 in the County of Madison and State of Illinois

 of the age of  -47-  years   Witness  Eulalia Hotz, County Clerk

   and the seal of said County at her Office in Edwardsville, in said County

   this 12th day of April A.D. 1972.

 By Deleye Prares  Deputy      Eulalia Hotz  County Clerk


 State of Illinois  } s.s.      I Chas E Turner

 Madison County     }           an ordained minister hereby

                    certify that Mr. Harlynn E. Beatty and

 Mrs. Helen M. Mitchell were united in Marriage by me at

 Edwardsville (S.I.U. Religious Center), in the County of Madison

 and State of Illinois on the 14th day of April A.D. 1972

                                Chas E Turner  9 Logan Pl,

                                Edwardsville, Ill.


"          ----   backside   ----

"No. 35328                         Department Of Public Health

 Marriage License                Return of a Marriage to County Clerk


                                 1. Full Name of GROOM  Harlynn E. Beatty

 Mr.  Harlynn E. Beatty          2. Place of Residence  Collinsville

       with                      3. Occupation   Engineer

 M  Helen M. Mitchell            4. Age next Birthday  51 yrs. Color White  Race Caus.

                                 5. Place of Birth  Selma, Iowa

                                 6. Father's Name  Linn Beatty

 Issued  April 12th  1972        7. Mother's Maiden Name  Nellie Mechem

                                 8. Number of Groom's Marriage  2nd

 Married  April 14   1972        9. Full Name of BRIDE  Helen M. Mitchell

                                    Maiden Name, if a Widow  H. M. Seibel

                                10. Place of Residence  Collinsville

                                11. Age next Birthday  48 Yrs. Color White  Race Caus.

 Registered  May 2  1972        12. Place of Birth  Belleville, Ill.

                                13. Father's Name  Henry J. Seibel

 Marriage Register   56         14. Mother's Maiden Name  Anna C, Munie

      Page          516         15. Number of Bride's Marriage  2nd

                                16. Married at Edwardsville in the County of

                                     Madison and State of Illinois, the 14th

                                    day of April  1972

                                17. Witnesses to Marriage

                                      Nancy E. Will

                                      Norma R. Ashauer

" ...


Registration              State of Illinois

District # 590H       Coroner's Certificate of Death

Deceased:  Harlynn E. Beatty     Male    Date of Death:  October 7, 1983

Race:    Origin:    Age last Birthday:   Date of Birth:    County of Death:

 White    American    61                   Nov. 10, 1921     Macoupin

Mt. Olive Twp.    R.R. #1  Box 48  Mt. Olive

State of Birth: Iowa  Citizen of: USA   Married  Surviving Spouse:  Helen Seibel

SSN:  481-14-5530    Engineer    M.A.C.  SAFB    In armed Services in WW II

Residence:  717 Royal Heights Rd.  Belleville, Illinois,  St. Clair County

Father:  Robert L. Beatty        Mother:  Nellie Mechen (sic)

Informant:  Helen Beatty, wife,  717 Royal Heights Road.  Belleville, IL 62223

Death was Caused by                      interval between onset and death

   a)  Cardiac arrythmia - arrest                        immed

   b)   ____  occlusion R coronary artery                1 day to years

        ____   occlusion  ant Dec cor artery

   c)   ____ Coronary                                    years

                                     autopsy: yes

Natural causes

Pronounced Dead October 8, 1983 at 12:45 A.M.

Coroner:  Wesley C. Landers

Physician:  William K Delfe

Burial at Valhalla Cemetery, Belleville, Illinois   October 11, 1983

Funeral Home  Geo. Renner & Sons   120 N. Illinois St.  Belleville, Illinois  62220


I hereby certify that the foregoining is a true and correct copy of the death record for the decedent named at item 1, and that this record was established and filed in my office in accordance with the provisions of the Illinois Vital Records Act.


At Staunton, Illinois



"  Harlynn E. Beatty, 61, of Belleville, died on Friday, October 7, 1983, at St. Francis Hospital in Litchfield, Il.   He was a retired corrosion engineer at M.A.C. Headquarters at Scott Air Force base; a member of VFW Post 7983 of Trenton, IL, Illinois Society of Professional Engineers, Scott Field Post of the Society of Professional Engineers, and an Army Veteran of World War II.   Preceeding him in death were his parents, Robert and Nellie, nee Mechem, Beatty.   Surviving are his wife, the former Helen Seibel; three sons, Ronald Beatty of Edwardsville, Dale Beatty of Minneapolis, MN, and Dean Beatty of Belleville; a step son, Stephen Mitchell of Belleville; a daughter, Carol Axtell of St. Louis, MO; three sisters, Shirley Craig of Milton, IA, Eleanor Strait and Winona Johnson, both of Keosauqua, IA; and four grandchildren, Eric Axtell, Kelly Ann Mitchell, Benjamin Beatty, and Sarah Beatty.   Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday, October 11, at the George Renner and Sons Funeral Home in Belleville.  Burial will be in Valhalla Gardens of Memory in Belleville.   Friends may call after 3 p.m. on Monday, October 10, at the funeral home."

Belleville News Democrat, October 9, 1983, page 5; Trenton Sun; Keosauqua ;

Nineth Generation:


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