"I heard you for half an hour on Friday night at BJ's. You were rocking the house with great dance songs and working hard, like a well-oiled machine. It was a thing of beauty to behold. I must bring my hubby out to hear you so he and I can DANCE! I've never heard any band to "Footloose". Amazing. Great job, gentlemen."

-Rhonda Apple

"I recently listen to this band while vacationing in Delaware, and boy was it a hit with me, the music was great and so easy to dance to - some oldies I grew up with, I totally love it and cannot wait to go and hear them play again!  And the interaction with with crowd was a big hit too...everyone that was on the floor dancing was having a great time. So if you get a chance while you're out vacationing in the area, make it a point to hear them play for a nice night out dancing.  I loved it, and I haven't been out to see a band in a long time.....They even throw out beaded necklaces which was a hit too!"

-Mary Bower

"Great night at the Gray Hare Sat. May 31st! You had those women from Philly rocking, not to mention the rest of the crowd. I had a great time and enjoyed the music. Thanks for a very fun evening."

-Judy Sheldon

"I had the opportunity to see Overtime play at Grotto's Longneck last Saturday. What an inspiration you all are to the young upcoming musicians and artists that you shared the stage with. You are truly AWESOME! "

-Stephanie Kay

"LeeAnn Sears & Joseph Rykiel just wanted to thank Ray, Mark & the Guys for Rocking Our Wedding Last Saturday at the Atlantic Sands Hotel & Conference Center! You were GREAT!"