About Us

What makes OVER TIME unique is the way it was formed back in 2004. This band was organized by local popular music teacher Mark Marvel. Mark spent his 32 year teaching career at Indian River High School, and  recently retired in 2015. Mark plays several instruments, but his favorite is the guitar.

The rest of the band, Eric, Greg, and Tim, are all former top music students of Mark's from Indian River High School. Eric, Greg and Tim were also members of Sussex County Delaware's All Honors Band for all 4 years while they were in high school.  Mark always knew how talented these boys were, and how much they loved to play music, so the band was formed to continue their love of music.

Tim, who recently relocated to Florida, was replaced on drums by Craig Reeves -- another talented former student of Mark's. On occasion, Craig's daughter, Taylor Reeves, provides vocals as well.

A few years ago the band added a horn section with Jordan Marvel on trumpet and John Ragonese on tenor sax.  The horn section has been a very welcome addition to the band.

The band has kept a very busy schedule of events and functions in the Delaware and Maryland area for the last few years. OVER TIME has been very well received 
 and is a great band for dancing, appealing to a wide range of ages. So, if you  are looking for a talented, high energy and versatile band that can play all kinds of music, OVER TIME is the band for your next event or occasion.

Mark Marvel -- Guitar and vocals

Eric Tsavdar -- Keyboards and vocals

Greg Reynolds -- Bass and vocals

Craig Reeves -- Drums

Jordan Marvel -- Trumpet, bass and vocals

John Ragonese -- Tenor Saxophone

Ray Berzins -- Manager and Soundboard