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Overpopulation is one of the root causes of many current social and economic crises, such as food, energy, environment (global warming), public health, immigration, and education. The world population is a ubiquitous problem which actually affects nearly every aspect of people’s lives even if they did not realize it.  


The world population, as a whole, will still expand in the next decades according to the United Nation's population projection (United Nation, 2004). At the same time, our planet won't be expanding as much as the population does. Therefore, we still need to look for solutions (either through providing new resources or more efficiently utilizing current resources) for overpopulation, if they ever exist.


Definition of Overpopulation

The population of an environment by a particular species in excess of the environment's carrying capacity. The effects of overpopulation can include the depletion of resources, environmental deterioration, and the prevalence of famine and disease.

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