Connect with OPTCO

All board members can be contacted via this email address - this is where volunteer
help should be requested, flyers or announcement submitted, unless you are a member of our parents' group on Facebook, and you can post directly on there. Please allow 48-72 hours for response time.

OPTCO Website:

Find mission, contact info and meeting dates,
volunteer opportunities (calendar and sign-ups),
Board member info, craft fair info, Blazer Connections Parent newsletter archives, District newsletter
archives, social media info, OPTCO Blog (articles
and announcements in newsletter sometimes link
here for full articles. Eventually you'll find our
community partners / sponsor information here too,
and maybe our booster / club relationships listed
on this page as well.

PTCO Facebook Parents Group:
This private group is for parents, teachers, community
members - we are connecting with each other and sharing and celebrating what our kids are doing at Overland. You can add people or invite by email.
This is where pics are posted, announcements are shared from fan page and twitter, and parents can
ask each other questions, or share events OPTCO
hasn't heard about yet.

OPTCO Facebook Fan page:

visitors are encouraged to like this page, so they see announcements and OPTCO events - but this is not
the same as our Facebook group, which will allow
them to post and connect with other parents.

(We have a list from power school of parents who opted in to receive communications from OPTCO. If parents did not check this, when they registered their kids for school this year, they will not be on OPTCO's mailing list.

Parents can go in anytime to change this status, which we suggest you do each year at the beginning of school. You can also read our archived newletter on this website, by visiting Archive Page >>

@OHS_OPTCO on Twitter

Many students and student groups, and even administrators at the school are on twitter, so we share their feeds with our Facebook page members. This is the most realtime info because students and teachers can access this during the day when they are at school.
Facebook access is not given to any of them while on school property. Anyonecan follow us on here.


In 2015/2016, Overland High School launched it's new App - an amazing new tool for students and also for parents who want real time updates about what is going on at the school on a given day. OPTCO announcements and links to the newsletter can be accessed directly through the app as well. The app is available for Android and Apple, and includes the school's website menu as well.

Your feedback is important to us.

We want to hear your feedback and ideas on how to make this website and all of our OPTCO communications the best they can be for parents. What are we missing? What might need to be changed? Please email us and let us know: ATTN: Communications Feedback.

Do you know of an OHS event and want to share details, fundraising and volunteer needs?

We can help.
Email us!

Overland Ptco,
Oct 16, 2015, 8:40 AM