The Adventures of the Overgrown Oatmeal:

A computer game for the non-gamers, The Adventures of the Overgrown Oatmeal is a scrolling platform adventure game designed for those who miss games that were simple, creative, and most importantly, fun!

Based off a comic book I created in the sixth grade, The Adventures of the Overgrown Oatmeal was made with the SGDK2 (Scrolling Game Development Kit 2) game engine, using 100% hand-drawn pencil sketches, bringing to life a world of middle school student doodles.

The game itself is free, free to try, free to play, free to keep, free to trash. You may download it from below or from the navigation panel on the left. It is a Windows-only game, with my apologies to those with other operating systems. I highly suggest having at least a 2 GHz processor, with at least 1 Gb of RAM.

Also, it is a large download (100 MB), so if you have dial-up or a slow connection, you may not want to attempt it.

Thanks for playing!