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 Current Status

Currently the book has undergone a facelift with each page receiving a nice discrete  looking  outlook  as shown below.

Soon the new wave of additions will be added and just the CHM additions will be all stopping me from a re release!!


The question to the meaning of life. 

Well in this case this information is what started me on the way to becoming self sufficient and free of the debt that purchasing cannabis can create. 

The history behind my MADNESS 

When I found that OG (Overgrow.com) went down I freaked out as that was like a bible to me in my early years and to have the wealth of the information stolen from me like that was very disturbing.

Due to me having some very computer iliterate friends that grew close to me I had previously saved many a page for showing and printing off for them and these I held very close as invaluable as they where to me.

After a while I found several more threads etc online in different forums these I quickly achived for myself. until a few of my other friends wanted access to them thus creating a need for an interface for them to view the files as these noobs needed teaching with even using the mouse.

Then I found a major google cache of files ripped out and stored on one beautiful website. Quickly I leeched that site twice even so I would have a backup of my backup. Stupid I know but hell I couldnt risk losing it again.

Now with So many pages to add I needed to move away from the basic HTML page I had created into a more stable versatile CHM format.

After a few weeks and many an hour I formated each and every page to fit within an easy to alter template and started refining the added CHM abilities.

At this piont I noticed many of the files where being taken by many individual sites in order for them to generate more hits to increase there own sites some even based on this information openly descieving the reader into thinking this information came from there site. So I quickly release a Beta version that was containing all current files with a very basic template in place.

The Future 

Now you have a full view of the past lets see what im planning for the future.

Well I hope that the ebook will continue and work its way to combining the worlds cannabis community as one. I continually search and ask around for tutorials of high quality to add to the ebook but am starting to breach out into areas that it is lacking in.

Please email overgrow2@gmail.com with any suggestions and or alterations you would like to see.

ANY Additions and/or advice emails will receive personal notice of the location of the next release.