Trying to overclock your system?
Tired of asking around on forums and useless help sites?
Searching for a recommended speed and voltage for your particular system?

    Here we are trying to compile a reference site for all the different CPUs, Chipsets, and system configurations and the overclocks they have managed. Hoping to give users an idea of what their own systems can reach and what to expect.

Please join the cause and post your current stable clock speeds and the system's components with as much related info as possible.

Info such as: CPU (Model, Chipset, revision #), Motherboard (Brand, Model, Chipset, BIOS version), Memory (Brand, Model, Stock Speeds/Overclocked Speeds, Stock Timings/Custom Timings), Power Supply (Brand, Model), Computer Case (Brand, Model), Cooling Methods (Heatsinks, Fans, Liquid Cooling, Average Room Temperature), Anything else that may apply

Users with an AMD Chipset please post your specs here

Users with an Intel Chipset please post here

For our Graphics Card Overclocking Reference Section click here

Please keep in mind that this site is intended to be a reference guide of systems that are successfully overclocked and running stable. Purpose being for those trying to overclock their systems to find similar setups that may give them a goal to shoot for that is already proven. A help section for those needing more direction is available HERE.