RS232 Module

MAX232 Module to Communicate with the PC

This is a RS232 Module I created for my data logger project. I figured it would be easier to have it as a seperate module incase I wanted to use it for other projects.     The board is pretty simple, but there was 1 slight error I found. There was a extra trace I had created (opps), but I fixed this by cutting it


 Ive made it small enough to fit inside a altoids Tin :). 

The 4 wires are Power, ground, RX and TX. The DP-9 connector goes to the computer.

 The MAX232 Chip isnt installed as you see. I also did a silkscreen, but it came out sort of crooked. Still, it gives it a professional look.

Here is the bottom. Pretty boring I know, but I just wanted to show that I had clear rubber feet on the bottom.