Imagination Gives you the Dream, But Knowledge Makes it Come True. - Me

Intro-The backyard Space Race

 Im no Pro at this Yet, Infact I dont have a consistent manner of making propellant. Im a Electronics Engineer, So That atleast has to help me Somehow in This Hobby. I used to launch Rockets As a Child, ie Estes Rockets. They were fun, But anyone can recall, They got lost is trees a lot of times.

 Of Course, Thats on a C or D Motor. With Amateur rocketry you could be running with H Sized Motors that can go up to a Mile or greater. Clearly your Everyday park Might not be suitable for H Sized Motors.

 So Why Make your Own motor instead of Buying? Well one thing is for sure, You can design it for your own requirements. Its Like Buying a Computer versus Making your own. Of course the Real Problem is Equipment. Sure, You can design a motor that looks Nice on Paper, but if you dont have the equipment, You cant make the motors.

For the Fuel I am Using you dont need much equipment, other than a Electric Skillet. Melt and Go. As far as I know, For the most part you cant Go the cheap way. Ive tried, and thats why it seems That Im not getting consistent results.