Data Logger (V1.0)

10 bit Remote Data Logger

For a Long time Ive been wanting a remote data logger to capture events, it actually came to me when I bought a DI-194 Datalogger from DataQ. It has a RS232 Interface but you still have to have a laptop connected to it in order to get data.

Thats fine for most things, but what if your observing the thrust of a rocket engine? Or what if you want to remotely log temperature? You wouldnt want to leave a laptop outside for the time you want to measure temperature. Nor would you want to risk a laptop if the Rocket Engine Failed. So I looked for remote data loggers. They were expensive.

So time passed, I still kept the idea alive in my head. Then I got a PIC micro Programmer. Recently, I started working with the I2C Bus. My main goals for working with the I2C was to get page write and Sequential Reads working for a 256k EEprom. 

Now that I have that done, this project can begin.

This is the Block Diagram of the whole system

Theoretical Operation is as follows:

1) The user press's the Start Button to start Recording. For now the Amount of times data is logged will be static

2) Once sufficient data has been logged the Start button is pressed again to stop data collection.

3) When the user is ready to send data to a console, the PIC enables the MAX232 and Switches to Plugin Power. The Send Button can be sent and data can be read.  

The only problem with sequential reads is I have to figure out how to Use 1 var for each byte recieved (instead of having each byte read be assigned a variable)