Charcoal Sifter

This is a Simple Sifter I used to filter Ash And Charcoal. The charcoal I get is from someones wood heater. This stuff is mostly maple (I Think), and It makes Pretty Good BP. When I make my BP, I usually Combine the Sulphur and Charcoal and let it ball mill over night. It gives a Very Fine charcoal (airfloat).

 The Sifter is Simple, a Box with a Screen Over it. Pour in Ash + Charcoal and the Charcoal will stay on top. There are some Ash particles to big to fit in the holes on the screen, and there will also be some smaller Charcoal peices on top a long with it. I usually hand pick the larger charcoal pieces. Ive got a couple ideas for the smaller peices, I might try putting them in with Regular Meal Powder to see what kind of effect I get.

 <pic of sifter>