The following games will not end in ties: all of the playoff round robin games, and the final playoff championship game to determine 1st and 2nd. If any of these games are tied at the end of regulation time, there will be a five a (5) player shootout as follows. (1) Exactly five(5) different, selected players by each team captain or the team alternate captain for that game will participate in the shootout. (2) Captains must designate the chosen shootout players before the game by putting SOP next to the player's name in the Position Column. (3) If exactly five(5) SOP players are not chosen and not put on the score sheet, the team will forfeit the game to their opponent. If both teams neglect this, there will be no shootout, and the game will be decided by a coin toss between the captains off the ice. (4) No goalies are allowed to participate in the shootout. (5) The team with most goals after the shootout wins. (6) If there is still a tie after the 5 SOP shootout, the shootout will continue until the completion of the first shootout round that one team has scored, and the opponent hasn’t. For this continuation, the shooters will be chosen first from the remaining team members who have not shot and continuing with the then established 10 player shootout rotation until the game is decided. (7) Home team shoots first in all shootout rounds.


If two or more teams have an equal number of points, their positions in the standings shall be determined by the following tie-breaking formulas. In order to break the tie, the following formulas will be followed until ONE rule determines the position at the SAME time of ALL teams that are tied.

1. The results of the games played BETWEEN the affected teams in the following order:

a. The points acquired in these games.

b. Subtracting goals scored against from goals scored in these games, the positions being determined in order of the greatest surplus.

c. Dividing the goals scored in these games by the goals scored against, the positions being determined in order of the greatest quotient. A quotient involving dividing by zero (0) has higher standing than a quotient from dividing by any number other than zero. Where two or more teams have no goals against and the quotient tie-breaker is required, the teams shall be ranked high to low in descending order of “goals for”.

2. If after applying the formulas of 1 a, b, or c, the tie still exists, 1b and c shall be applied using ALL of the games played by the teams tied.

3. If still tied, a coin toss shall be used.

Note: The formulas shall be applied in order 1 a, b, c, then 2, then 3.