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Kyakabeize Village

OVC Uganda Project serves orphans and vulnerable children in the Bushenyi district of south western Uganda. The Ishaka Health Plan and the Ishaka Adventist Hospital provide health services for orphans, vulnerable children (OVC), and their caregivers so that they have a chance at survival.

Survival rates
drop considerably for children in Uganda who lose one or both parents. Grandmothers are an important resource for children who may have no other options. However, grandmothers are often elderly and vulnerable too.

Close to 20% of the 500 people who live in the village of Kyakabeize (pronounced chaka bees e) are orphaned or vulnerable children. The OVC project in Ishaka supports the
orphaned and vulnerable children in this village.

With your support OVC Uganda extends services to orphans and vulnerable children including much needed health services, nutritional and psychosocial support.

Thank you for your contributions!



Ishaka Health Plan

The OVC project pays a community based health plan, Ishaka Health Plan to cover health services for households with orphans.  When anyone in these families become ill, health services will be paid through the plan.

The Ishaka Adventist Hospital and Ishaka Health Plan use peer education for HIV prevention, and provide care to orphans and vulnerable children. They also give caregiver training in nutrition and sanitation. The Ishaka Health Plan has reduced malaria infection rates through distribution of the Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets to orphans living with or affected by HIV/AIDS, and has taught 33 communities about HIV/AIDS.

In 2011, OVC Uganda will be expanding to a new village!

Three Sisters living in a small farm hut
lost their father to Typhoid Fever.

 Your Support

You can support health and economic development projects, like Beads for Health. With donations from people like you, we offer private health care services to orphans and vulnerable children in rural communities of Uganda.  


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