Getting to Ostrava

Ostrava is located in the north-eastern part of the Czech Republic. It can be reached by plane, train, car or bus.

Ostrava by air

The city of Ostrava is served by Leoš Janáček Airport (IATA:OSR). The airport connects Ostrava to the capital Prague. The most convenient way of travel from the Leoš Janáček Airport to Ostrava is a taxi (although infrequent bus connection exists). Taxis can be hailed in front of the terminal building. The fare to locations in Ostrava should be less than 1000 CZK. All taxis in the Czech Republic are metered and clearly marked by the sign taxi. Usually, the drivers accept only cash and it is preferred to have CZK.


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Ostrava by train

Visitors arriving in Prague (IATA:PRG) are advised to travel to Ostrava by train. Car and bus connection is possible, but the driving time from Prague to Ostrava is usually more than 5 hours. The fastest and most convenient ground connection between Prague and Ostrava is by train. Ostrava has two major train stations. Ostrava Svinov is the stop for Ostrava Poruba and the VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava. Ostrava hl. n. (central) is the stop for city center and business hotels.

Getting from Prague Airport to the Prague Central train station

 Prague Central train station (Praha hl. n.) can be reached from the airport by taxi or by bus. The taxi fare should be less than 1000 CZK and travel time is usually less than 40 minutes (depending on the traffic). Taxis can be hailed in front of the arrival hall.
Prague airport is connected to the central train station by Airport Express (AE) shuttle bus. The buses run every 30 minutes and the fare is 60 CZK. Tickets are sold by the driver (use the front door) and the travel time is about 50 minutes (depending on the traffic). 

The AE terminates across the street from the historical train station building. The passengers should take lift (in the glass towers) to access the train station facilities (ticketing and platforms). Click the image bellow for street view.


  • Mind that immigration and baggage claim can take some time (more than 30 minutes) especially when your plane arrives from outside of the EU (Schengen space) or in a busy period. Count with that when purchasing electronic train tickets.
  • The AE can be crowded during the holiday season. Join the queue when you arrive at the AE platform to make sure you can get on the next bus.
  • AE boarding will take couple of minutes in case of a long queue and the bus can be at the train station later than scheduled.

Train connection between Prague and Ostrava

The Prague - Ostrava train service is provided by Czech Railways (express trains and Pendolino trains) and Student Agency (RegioJet trains). The fastest connection is the Pendolino train with travel time around 3 hours. Other express trains need 4 hours or more to get from Prague to Ostrava.

Czech Railway train tickets can be purchased in ČD Center ticketing office (left-most picture bellow). Major credit cards, Czech koruna and Euro is accepted in ČD Center.


Tickets for Czech Railways trains can be purchased in advance online. The Pendolino ticket (connection name contains SC Pendolino; train picture above on the right) comes with a seat reservation. Other types of tickets can be used for any other express train (additional Pendolino seat reservation can be purchased at ČD Center). Note that the Czech Railways require customers to provide the number of their photo ID and name when purchasing electronic tickets (it appears on the e-ticket and it is checked by train personnel). Passengers with electronic tickets should have a printout of the ticket ready when boarding the train.

Passengers with a Pendolino ticket or 1st class ticket can use the ČD Lounge in Prague central train station (follow the signs ČD Lounge). There is no catering service as in the airport lounges, but travellers can leave their luggage there (ask at the reception) and e.g. have a lunch in a restaurant in or near the train station.

Update: it seems that the ČD Lounge reception no longer accepts luggage.

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RegioJet trains are operated by the Student Agency company. The tickets should be purchased in advance on because the service is popular and seats are limited. Search for connection from Praha hl. n. to Ostrava hl. n. or Ostrava Svinov stations.


Reaching your destination in Ostrava

The easiest way of reaching your destination in Ostrava is by taxi.

Alternatively, visitors can use public transport. The public trasnport in Ostrava is handled by buses, trams, and trolleybuses. The public transport in the city is efficient and cheap but most information is in Czech only.



The public transport in Ostrava uses tickets for 15 minutes (15 CZK) and 60 minutes (24 CZK) of travel. The passengers with validated ticket can transfer from one vehicle to another during this period. Day tickets good for 24 hours can by purchased for 75 CZK.

Paper tickets are available from CD Center, newsagent's shops, and yellow ticket vending machines. Paper tickets must be validated immediately after boarding the vehicle in the red validation device.


SMS ticket can be purchased for 27 CZK by sending the text message DPO to the number 902 30. The SMS ticket is good for 70 minutes of travel since the receipt of the ticket (you should not board the vehicle before the receitp of SMS ticket).

From Ostrava Svinov to student residence in Ostrava Poruba by public transport

The best connection between Ostrava Svinov train station and student residence in Ostrava Poruba (VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava campus) is by bus no. 37. See the following video for the route of bus no. 37 from Svinov station to Studentská station (the vehicle arrives at Ostrava Svinov at cca 22:46).

The bus stop Studentská for student residence in Ostrava Poruba (bus no. 37) is shown bellow. The reception of the student residence is on the right hand side from the bus stop just a short walk away.
Click the image bellow for street view.

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