Adult dog/older puppy

My consultations include an assessment of the dogs behaviour, one to one training with both dog and owner/family, a written report with all advice and techniques discussed, a follow up consultation over the phone or email if preferred , and on-going email support.

Puppy training visits

Prevention is better than cure, I will set you off in the right direction, so as your puppy gets older, you and your puppy will be able to avoid many problem behaviours. I will give you all the practical advice you need to get your puppy settled into his new home and ensure he is well adapted for life with his new family. A written report will then be sent to you with all the advice and techniques, and I will also provide ongoing email support.

Adult dog / older puppy
  • £85 initial consultation (two hours) 
  • Second consultation, if necessary, £45 per session
  • Family training
  • Written report
  • Ongoing email support
Puppy training (up to 5 months old)
  • £35 initial consultation (one hour) 
  • Second consultation, if necessary, £25 per session
  • Practical advice
  • Written report
  • Ongoing email support
Dog  grooming
  • Prices vary depending on breed, size of the dog, condition of the coat & service required.

Contact me on 07814683072