I’m Liz, I’m 35 years old, and I have a great passion for dogs.

I had a poodle named Benji, who I had from a rescue centre, and came with several behavioural issues. Through hard work, determination and patience, from both me and the dog, I worked with Benji to eradicate these issues, to live a calm, peaceful life together using reward based training methods. I also have a new Boxer puppy called Harvey.

Through my studying, I have achieved a diploma as a dog behaviour practitioner, through the British College of Canine Study, and have in-depth knowledge of dogs natural instincts and their needs. This enables me to work with owners to change the behaviour of their dogs.

I want to pass on my knowledge and understanding of dog behaviour to my clients. It’s not only important for dogs to fit in with our lifestyle, it’s also important that we fit in with theirs too, and ensure that we meet their needs and allow dogs to be dogs!

From experience, don’t be too shocked to find that while I am working with you and your dog, a lot of the changes need to be made by you, and more often than not, the dog will find it easier to accept and adapt to these changes.


Contact me on 07814 683072 to sort your canine troubles.