Engagement Model

The professional qualifications, experience, expertise and skill set of an experienced CFO are brought to bear through this Practice, with a committed hours-per-month being available to each client under a retainer and further time requirement being chargeable on a per hour basis.

The Practice shall take up not more than 4 to 6 clients as an Out-Sourced CFO, and shall be a member of the clients’ Management Team, holding the clients’ business card (as CFO) and representing the clients’ as their CFO vis-à-vis the outside world.

The Practice shall prevent all conflict-of-interest situations with existing clients holding the pre-emptive right to anticipate a conflict of interest and thus refuse to allow the engagement with a new client.

The Practice commits a 12-month tenure for each relationship, but does not expect any tenure commitment from any client, unless and until a client exercises a conflict-of-interest pre-emptive right.