Sleeping Around

From hotel to hovel 

Lofty villa, Antananarivo

Under a vehicle, Antsirabe 

Sleep at the wheel, Fiana

Pirate Cemetery, Ile St Marie

Great access to riots, Hotel Tsik

Madagascar has lot to offer in way of accommodation: If you’re a female traveller, why not try to replicate the authentic local female experience and find an elderly French tourist to share a bed with.    

For the less daring, there’s everything from a spacious attic room in a villa overlooking the Antantanarivo market, to simple mountain bungalows at the foothills of Ranomafana national park, or a even the backseat of a taxi brousse (not recommended without sleeping tablets and/or detachable legs).

At the east coast island of Ile St Marie you can step out of bed and into the ocean, or a dog turd, depending on which way you walk. Watch for falling coconuts too.

This is considerably better than Hotel Tsik in Madagacascar’s degraded port city of Toamasina, where you walk outside into the midst of a full-blown riot with burning crates, stone-throwing youths and police shooting gas grenades.  

Beach resorts typically have private houses for rent, which are rarely occupied the whole year around. Overnight stays in these luxurious abodes can be arranged for little cost – usually only some bottles of beer for the groundsman and his wife…and inevitably also his 15 children aged between one and 40.

Pirates visiting Ile St Marie might also want to check out the pirate cemetery. It's a great place to rest in peace.