Library Outreach Cookbook Proposal Announcement

Call for Chapter Proposals: The Library Outreach Cookbook

Updated 6/14/2016

Editors – Ryan L. Sittler, Ph.D. & Terra Rogerson
Send Proposals to

Ryan and Terra have a contract with the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) to produce a new cookbook on library outreach and marketing. This is a true follow-up to the highly popular The Library Instruction Cookbook (2009) developed by Ryan and Dr. Douglas Cook. It is also the first ACRL cookbook, since the original, to have one of the original editors involved in the process.

We are looking for authors. 
We hope to receive a lot of of great recipe proposals for this book--and that is going to require a lot of great authors! If you are interested in writing on one of the ideas suggested below OR want to suggest something that we have simply just not thought of yet, please send a proposal to Proposal guidelines are at the end of this document.

What do we want?
We welcome recipe proposals on the following topics related to library outreach, marketing, and public relations. We will also consider things not listed here so long as they fit with the spirit of the book. Creativity is welcome. Authors with complimentary proposals may be asked to work together if we see a natural connection. Tone and style will be friendly, fun, and unassuming in keeping with other cookbooks in the series (particularly The Library Instruction Cookbook). You need not be an academic librarian to submit. Due to the wide application for these strategies, we hope to see proposals from all library types.

If you have a suggestion for something that doesn't fit in the "recipe" style format of the original cookbook, that's OK. Submit anyway and we may be able to find a solution.

We especially need proposals in the areas highlighted below.

Suggested topic areas.
    Getting Started:
        1. Environmental scans
        2. Identity, image, and reputation
        3. Outreach vs marketing vs public relations
        4. Obtaining information about your users

    Marketing Strategies:
        1. Marketing
        2. Communication plans
        3. Communication objectives
        4. Logos
        5. Slogans
        6. Public relations
        7. Posters
        8. Newsletters
        9. Swag / prizes
        10. Animals in the library

    Social Media & Communications Technologies:
        1. Facebook
        2. Twitter
        3. Instagram
        4. Youtube
        5. Flickr
        6. Website
        7. LibGuides
        8. Mobile
        9. Augmented Reality / VR
        10. Games
        11. Skype
        12. Google Hangouts

   Outreach to Broad Populations:
        1. Campus community
        2. Local community

    Outreach to Select Populations:
        1. Instruction / Information literacy
        2. Liaison programs
        3. Athletics
        4. Other campus clubs / subgroups
        5. Older Adults 
        6. Visually or Hearing Impaired 

    Programming / Event Planning
        1. Events
        2. Workshops

Other ideas and suggestions: We are highly receptive to your suggestions for something not listed here. If you have a great idea that you think would fit within the scope of this book, please submit a proposal. We like new ideas and perspectives. Every idea will be given thorough consideration.  

Proposal Guidelines
Proposals are due by June 24, 2016 at 5:00pm EST
Final accepted chapters will be due to us by August 12, 2016 at 5:00pm EST
Publication is anticipated in early 2017. 

Please use APA style for references. 12 pt Time New Roman. Double spaced. 1 inch margins. Send as .doc, .docx, or .rtf attachments only.

Proposals should address as much of the following as is possible. If a point doesn't apply to you, simply write N/A:
        1. Your name and contact information (email and affiliation)
        2. Selected list of past publications (if any)
        3. Recipe Title
        4. Topic area/category you think your proposal falls under
        5. Purpose
        6. Target audience
        7. Ingredients (what do you need to do this? Includes supplies, human resources, etc)
        8. Step by step instructions
        9. Cautions / Things to be aware of / advice
        10. Assessment (if applicable)
        11. Reaction/reflection (if applicable)
        11. Sample pictures / handouts / documents
        12. References

Send Proposals to:

Email either or both of us with questions.
-Ryan L. Sittler, Instructional Technology / Information Literacy Librarian, California University of Pennsylvania, sittler at
-Terra Rogerson, Research and Instruction Librarian, California University of Pennsylvania, rogerson at