If you believe eportfolios are transformational, why don't you have one?
After AAC&U's January 2011 Eportfolio Forum--where attendees were challenged to actively learn and reflect throughout the day--a small group of eportfolio leaders took that day's challenge to "walk the portfolio talk" to heart:  to actually create and update the portfolios they advocate for so passionately.  Because while we require students to create and update portfolios, we--as portfolio professionals--often don't practice what we preach.

As 2011 unfolded, folks got together, formed a group called Out of Practice, each developed a portfolio--everything from course portfolios focused on professional development to comprehensive portfolios representing all parts of life--and held each other accountable regularly for their portfolio creation and updating.

After the July 2011 AAEEBL World Summit (where the Out of Practice group presented), the five founding members have been joined by several additional portfolio keepers!  At the July 2012 AAEEBL event, our Out of Practice session featured eight (!!!) speakers/members.  Won't you join as well? 

Join Out of Practice now by emailing Wende Garrison at wendebmg@gmail.com.


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