Out of Gaming Community

Out of Gaming Community is a gathering place for casual players 
who like to play without the high pressure you get in some game 
clans but still being in one so you have friends to talk/play with. 
In OoGC we dont care about how much time you have nor the skills 
you possess. What games you chose to participate in is also up to 
own chosing.
We do however expect you to behave politely toward 
other players and being on the mailing list of OoGC.

The goal is to have a decent number of players each time we start 
new game up. That will benefit everyone to have people they already 
know and make us rise quickly in the games where possible.

The games we currently play:

World of Tanks, free to play (Clan name: Out of Ammo)

We have an mailing list for both active playing members and those who are waiting
for the possible games below. Send an email to outofgc@gmail.com to sign up.

Games we are considering:

World of Warships, free to play (not released yet, in alpha)

Evolve, coop-shooter (Start of 2015)

Heroes of the Storm, MOBA game

Star Citizen, (Aprox 2015)

Camelot-Unchained, (Aprox 2015/2016)

We also have an Facebook Page where we post relevant news about the games.