Out In Connecticut provides information about gay activities, events, things of interest, etc. happening in Connecticut.

Please note that I am merely passing along this information--as provided to me--as a service to our community, and I cannot be responsible for the complete accuracy of the information.



(If you'd like to contact me about posting a not-for-profit event, please write to CTDaveC @ aol.com)

Note regarding the email list:  Due to technical problems with the extremely large email list (created in conjunction with the prior H4 Socials--now replaced by GAZE at Real Arts Ways), I have suspended doing any additions to that list.  Previously the email list was the only way information was distributed prior to this website being established.  All information that is sent out to the "grandfathered" email list will be posted on this site.

Please note: No material on this site may be reproduced on any for-profit, commercial website without the express permission of the "Out In Connecticut" organizer.