Are You Interested In Joining Us?

Our group consists of adventurers of today that desire to meet life head on. We have climbed the mountains of Colorado for years now, visiting the infamous Mystic Island Lake.


Activities that we consider adventurous consist of any activity that gets you outdoors. Today's youth seems to be locked in a struggle with the definition of activity. Video games, TV, and social networking is taking precedence over interests of the great outdoors. We are always looking to help people find the front door of their house and activities within reach of their wallet.


Moms and Dads need to be aware of activities they can do with their kids that will help them grow strong. Parents, it's never too late to get outside and play. If you have aches and pains, deal with it and get out there.


I love to show youth that it's ok to perspire and hurt after hiking 6 miles in the Rockies. The expressions I see on the faces of the first-time-mountain climber when they see the 360 degree view from St. Charles Peak is enough to keep taking them up; no matter how much I hurt.

What's the Best About Our Group?

Simply put, we look for the low hanging fruit. Some groups like to travel the world to hike the Amazon or climb Everest. We look at many of the regional locations or day travels to hike, climb, raft and ride. Keeps us active and at the same time keeps money in our wallet.

We also discuss tools, equipment and give health advice (non-doctor approved) as an attempt to help some dads spend more time with their sons and daughters. It can literally be a pain sometimes. What can you do to relieve the muscle and joint pain that prevents you from taking your sweet children on a hike?