The Outer Spores - Mushrooms Of Haida Gwaii

The Outer Spores Mushrooms of Haida Gwaii

Paul Kroeger, Bryce Kendrick, Oluna Ceska
and Christine Roberts 
(2012) 200 pp

Haida Gwaii is renowned as a wild and unspoiled corner of the world and home of the Haida, a people with a deep and rich culture.

Among biologists, this archipelago is also famous for its unique flora and fauna. Until now little has been known about the fungi of Haida Gwaii.

THE OUTER SPORES - MUSHROOMS OF HAIDA GWAII is the first, and most comprehensive guide, dedicated to the fungi of Haida Gwaii.

Published by mycolgue publications and the haida gwaii museum.

Available now:

In Haida Gwaii: The Haida Heritage Centre at
Kaay Llngaay.

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The Outer Spores - Mushrooms Of Haida Gwaii

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"We collected at many locations on many of the 150 islands of the archipelago over a period of five years, and recorded over 600 fungi including many rare and possibly undescribed taxa. This beautiful book is the summation of our efforts, and incorporates a huge amount of data, including many distribution maps, almost 300 illustrations, most in sparkling colour, and sections on many groups of particular interest, such as edible, poisonous, hallucinogenic, and a variety of ecological and nutritional groups, as well as graphs tracking our accumulation of species and a complete listing of taxa recorded.

This book is not only an excellent way to explore the fungi of the islands, but will make a fine addition to the bookshelf of all mushroom aficionados. "