Hoofer Forms

Wisconsin Union Outdoor Programs Office

Activity Related Forms:

Trip Plan Form

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This form is completed by trip leaders for all overnight trips. Turn the completed form into the Outdoor Programs Office at least one day before you leave.

Accident/Incident Form

PDF         Fill-in doc

This form is completed after any accidents, incidents, near misses (close calls) or property/equipment damage that occur during a Hoofer activity. If you are not sure if the incident warrants the completion of a form, go ahead and complete it. Turn all completed forms into the Outdoor Programs Office as soon as possible (often faxed the same day) after the incident.

Medical History Form 

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This is an optional form. In the case of an emergency it can be very helpful to know the medical background of any injured victims. The Medical History Form can be used by trip leaders/instructors if they want this information before the trip begins. This form may be more important on longer trips, especially wilderness trips where help may be further away. Please be sensitive to participants and keep all information confidential. It is voluntary for participants to complete the form.

General Liability Form

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This liability form is completed for all individuals participating in all Hoofer related activities that haven't completed a membership form  

WUD Free Program Planning Budget Form

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This form can be useful for planning out your program's budget.

WUD Co-Sponsorship Form

PDF           Fill-in doc

This form is completed when working with any other groups beyond Hoofers. It clarifies who does what. Have it reviewed by your club President, and Hoofer Advisor before being submitted to the Wisconsin Union Directorate.

Tax Exempt Form (doc)

Since Hoofers is a part of the University of Wisconsin, Hoofers is exempt from Wisconsin sales tax. Show this form to vendors when purchasing items for Hoofers so the vendor does not charge a sales tax from your order. Hoofers will not reimburse individuals for tax if they forgot the form. 

UW Fleet Vehicle Forms:

Fleet Reservation Form

PDF           Fill-in doc

Complete this form in order to reserve vehicles from the Fleet Office. Follow the directions on the form and give it to the Outdoor Programs Office. All reservations must be processed through the Outdoor Programs Office. You must be an authorized driver to reserve vehicles. All drivers must be familiar with the Hoofer Fleet Driving Policies, located in the Hoofer Leader Guide. Attend a Hoofer Fleet Driver Training class.

Driver Authorization Form

PDF           Fill-in doc

Anyone who drives a state vehicle must be an authorized driver. Hoofer leaders complete this form to gain authorization. One form is completed for each department you work/volunteer. You must have at least two years of driving experience, and a decent driving record, in order to become authorized. After completing a form give it to your Hoofer advisor to sign. It is recommended that anyone driving on a Hoofer trip become an authorized driver, even if driving a personal vehicle.


Marketing & Graphics Forms:

Marketing Forms

Request for Free Publicity Form - Complete this form for your Hoofer event for lots of FREE PUBLICITY. Complete the free publicity request as soon event dates/times are known to help the Union Marketing Department get the information out.

Union Printshop Project Order - Complete this form for printing requests in the Wisconsin Union.

Union Graphics Creation Order - Complete this form for all graphic requests in the Wisconsin Union. This service is FREE to all Hoofer and Wisconsin Union Directorate leaders. Printing costs still are the responsibility of the person ordering. op_s_graphicorder2_1362-5.pdf

Union Advertising Reservation Form - Complete this form for reserving ads in campus or city of Madison publications.

Union Room/Space Reservation Form - Complete this form to request room space in the Wisconsin Union, or email Central Reservations[Email UnionReservations@hoofers.org ] directly.

Wisconsin Union Calendar - Access this site to add an event to the Union's calendar. 


Financial & Purchasing Forms:

Hoofer University Credit Card (ProCard) Agreement Form

PDF       Fill-in doc

Hoofer Leaders who are authorized to make credit card purchases please complete this form. Training is required to use the credit card.  

Food and Participation Form

Fill-in Excel

This form, along with the University Meal form, is completed whenever food is purchased for a Hoofer activity and this form is turned in with the Hoofer Receiving Report.

Also complete and submit one of the following University required forms:

    - When a Meal is Served

    - When Just Liquids are Served

    - For Receptions

Hoofer Receiving Report

Fill-in PDF         Fill-in doc

This form is completed for all purchases when done by Hoofer or University credit card, purchase order, when using ASM Student Print, Kinkos or other vendors.


ProCard Power Point
ProCard Quiz