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Site Layout

Business Overview

Telecoms-Channel aims to be a market place where all companies competing in the industry can come for their
vendor updates and connections. We want to know each and every reseller thoroughly (where they are, what they
sell, who their staff is, etc.) and we want to know each and every Vendor out there, so that we can update these
resellers on which technology partners are out there, and what they are doing.


The site will be monetized through connections made going forward (we will take a small commission from the
vendor for connecting them with a reseller), and will also have various Banner advertising on the site, and have
Sponsored listing partners.

Competitive / Similar Industry Websites




Base website requirement

􀁸 WordPress / Joomla
􀁸 Content Management System in order to control all content (edit, post, remove, etc.)
􀁸 Fully Responsive & Mobile Friendly
􀁸 Keywords / Metatags must be editable : Developer to advise what is required in order for Google to
correctly index our site
􀁸 SEO friendly URL structure
􀁸 FTP detail will be provided so that the files can be uploaded to the server
􀁸 Site Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy to the accessible from the footer and to be
standard website text which developer must supply
􀁸 Default Font : Seguoe UI (or recommendation)
􀁸 Default Text Size: (recommendation)

Website Objectives

This website serves as a News portal for all Telecommunications providers. Customers will come to to read about their providers, and follow them for industry updates. They will also enquire
from us if they come across something in the industry and they are looking for the right supplier for this
technology – this is where we connect buyer with seller. We want the site to be well referenced in Google for all
providers and technology and will be generating original and curated content to get our ranking up.
High Level Functional Requirements

􀁸 Central Blog where we will post our Articles
􀁸 Each Sponsor Partner will have their own Blog which they can post their Press Release and Articles to,
specifically linked to their company (Provider News)
􀁸 Resources page will be a section where we provide files (excel/word/PDF, etc) which users can downalod.
An example is a Whitepaper on a particular technology, or an industry report which is published.
􀁸 Website must integrate with Mailchimp where users can subscribe to join our newsletter
􀁸 User Registration: Users can register as an Individual, a Vendor (supplier) or Reseller (customer). The form
will be extensive, and must be editable – we will do this once the platform is in place. This will integrate
into Mailchimp so that based on what they select they will go directly into a segment in our email
database. Note: Individuals and Resellers will not appear anywhere on the site – this will be for us to keep
them on our Database. Vendors can select whether they are Sponsors so that their listing in “Vendor
Community (section)” includes their Logo
􀁸 Ability for users to register which opts them in to regular communication from us
Design Notes:

􀁸 Logo will need to be designed and included on the website
􀁸 The Logo will be incorporated into other Digital Corporate identity used for social media backgrounds,
profile pictures and banners
􀁸 Logo must be simple to read and understand. The mission is to be a “market-place” where we connect
Technology Vendor with Technology Reseller so that they don’t have to go looking for a supplier – they
come to us and we connect them
􀁸 We are happy with a text only / flat logo but will be open to suggestions from the designer / developer
􀁸 We are open to recommendations and suggestions from the Designer and Developer
􀁸 We really like the site structure of We like the way the site is structured –
Homepage is nicely spaced out, it contains all the social buttons, social feeds, a newsletter link, main
report/article window and then smaller windows with feeds from other articles. We like the substructures,
such as when you go into an article, or to Resources, etc. Overall, we really like the whole site look and
feel, and want to get to a similar layout BUT we cannot copy exactly as this is a competitor of ours.
􀁸 We are open to suggestions and recommendations
􀁸 At some place – we need to emphasize that we will assist any Telecoms reseller in finding the right
technology partner – and encourage them to work through us to find this partner. Maybe the best way is
to have a Banner or a moving animation or something to make this stand out and provide a call to action
to get them to leave their detail. Happy to take your suggestions and recommendations.
􀁸 All pages must have Social Buttons so that all articles can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and
􀁸 All pages must make provision for a standard sized banners and must be customizable by page, so that we
can use different banners on different pages
􀁸 Banners for Home Page should be a main banner, and banner on the right side of the page. Any further
suggestions will be appreciated
􀁸 We want to push people to join our mailing list so we must find ways to get them to sign up. An idea
would be a floating menu, or a pop-up before they exit, or are at the end of an article, etc.
􀁸 Where there are articles, we want to provide “suggestions” for other articles that are similar in nature –
perhaps ones which have similar tags
Main Menu
We would like your recommendation on where to put this main menu because there are quite a few options.
Please make recommendations.
Main Menu will comprise of the following headings. At this point, only Vendor Community will have a sub menu.
􀁸 Home Screen +
􀁸 About Us
􀁸 News
􀁸 Events
􀁸 Blog
􀁸 Resources
􀁸 Vendor Community
􀁸 Reseller Community
􀁸 Technology
􀁸 Write for us
􀁸 Advertise
􀁸 Register / Login
􀁸 Contact Us

Maybe the Home screen and About Us could be combined? It would be nice to have a long / thin image that gives
the impression of technology and community. We want them to know that we are there to help them.
We will provide the text which may possibly include an image of the founder.
Similar to the website that we have provided we like the design style of and we would like
our Home Page to bring together all that we provide, namely:
􀁸 Latest Vendor Articles
􀁸 Latest Whitepapers (if available)
􀁸 Social Links / Sharing
􀁸 Technology background images
􀁸 Join Newsletter
􀁸 Banner Advertising
􀁸 Feature Articles
We are open to suggestions on how to make the absolute most of the home page.
Home page to include a link/form for the client to join our mailing list, register to the site, and also where we are
represented on Social Media where they can click to follow or join us.
About Us
Text based, we may include a picture of the Founder, which is similar to
This will be a central place where all news will be loaded to the site. We want this to be a feed with preview text
from the article, and the linked image, source for article and image source. We want each Vendor to have their
own “Press Office” where only their articles and Press Releases will be loaded, however the Feed will contain ALL
news, sorted by Latest.
Somewhere on the page we want to provide a link to specific Vendor news, so that if they are reading a particular
article, and want to check what another Vendor has posted, they can quickly navigate to that Vendors Press Office
and access their articles.

We want to be able to load Events by the following:
􀁸 Name of Event
􀁸 Date of Event
􀁸 Profile / Description
􀁸 Cost to attend event
􀁸 Contact Detail
􀁸 Address
􀁸 Town
Users must be able to search for events based on Name, location and date.
We want the default view to be a feed of events, with the feed sorted by Date (earliest to latest), to include an
image, description (short), cost, location and date. Users can click for full detail.

We will be writing our own articles and blogs and want to load them here. We want to offer users the ability to
comment (using DISQUS) and also share our articles with their connections.
Blogs should have a default view of a Feed for Blogs, sorted by latest.
Somewhere on the page we want to show users some of our previous blogs, and also offer them “suggested
blogs” based on this blog which we can link to Keywords used in the blog.
Users must register to create blogs, and can comment using DISQUS. Each blog must have a full editor so that we
can change headings, text format and font, load images, etc.

The Resources link will be for Whitepapers which we attain and received from some vendors.
The default view will be preview, and when the user clicks they can see a full preview. The whitepaper will be
made available for download via PDF (inside browser) but users will have to register to get access to these reports.
Vendor Community
Vendor community will showcase all of the vendors that we have partnered with where the user can click to
access direct information on that partner.
We want the same structure as the following (taken from where when you hover over the menu
the full menu expands and shows sponsored providers and then all providers.
Once you have clicked on the Vendor, you should go to their profile as per the screenshot on the right.
Vendors will Register on the site, and once registered they must automatically be added to this menu, marked as a
sponsor or not. Sponsors must display in Alphabetical order with their Logo. Below that, a separate section will
display all vendors with their name only, in alphabetical order.

Once a user clicks on the company, it must show the following:
􀁸 Company Profile
􀁸 Company Logo
􀁸 Button to “ENQUIRE HERE” where we get an email from the users relating to the Vendor so that we can
escalate the request to the Vendor
􀁸 Articles and Press Releases from this Vendor
􀁸 Twitter Feed from that Vendor (Live)

Reseller Community
This page will have text explaining the value proposition and then provide a link for users to Register their
business, or sign-up to our Mailing list (separate list in Mailchimp).

We want to provide Telecoms training similar to what you see here: (just hover over
Telecoms 101). We want to provide a block as a landing page where the user can choose what they want to learn
about. Each block must have an Icon for each component, we may need more blocks but at the moment the
options will be:

􀁸 VoIP
􀁸 Hosted PBX
􀁸 Fibre Connectivity
􀁸 Fixed Wireless Connectivity
􀁸 Unified Communications
􀁸 Telephone Expense Management
􀁸 Headsets
􀁸 VoIP Phones
􀁸 Call Recording
􀁸 Telephone Management System (Billing and Reporting)
􀁸 Telecoms 101
􀁸 Essential Glossary (terms)

Write for us
Text will be provided for this page, and we want to give the user a link to Register for a user account that allows
them to write their own blogs.

Text will be provided for this page with a form where users can send an email to enquire about advertising
Register / Login

Users must have a link to login / register. Must be able to use Facebook / Twitter / Google to authenticate, or to
register using their email and password.
Contact Us

Text will be provided for this page.