The Scope of The Problem

Estimated 29 Millions Uninsured in the USA

Preventable Illness represents 80% of the burden to providers and 90% of all health care costs

Health services are difficult to get, frequently not known, time consuming, expensive, complex to understand and not customer/patient centered.

Minorities without health insurance in the USA:
Hispanic 33%; African America 20%, Asians 20%

Rate of uninsured in Mississippi 13 – 25% (380,000 to 700,000)

Under ACA, low premiums with $6,000 deductible and 40 percent co-pay for doctor's visit expenses

Patients continue to be diagnosed late with advanced diseases and cancer, way beyond curative therapy options.

Some Examples

Metastatic colon cancer in a 57 y/o Male

Metastatic Lung Cancer in a 60 y/o Female

Metastatic Colon Cancer in a 34 y/o Female


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