Create Your Own Illusion Animation

Simple guide to make an animated illusion.

    Have you ever seen this illusion of  Christopher Walken floating through space? Well it seems like it may take a lot of work to create but it is fairly easy. You can make your own too as long as you have a digital camera and a computer. Just fallow these 8 simple steps and you can create your own animated illusion of almost anything you want.


  • Step 1: Take your camera and take two pictures of what you want to be your illusion. Its best if you can set the camera to black and white or Sepia. The position of the first picture doesnt matter but the second should be at a slight angle and a little closer. Also it helps if there is very few items in the picture. I took my pictures of a King Crab hanging up in my house. The first is level and the second is at a slight angle a a little closer. There are very few items in the background because it is hanging on a wall.  

  •  Step 2: However you do it it doesnt matter but take those two images and get them on your computer. Then make a folder and name it what ever you want and put the two pictures in it. Name the first one 1.jpg and the second 2.jpg. 

(NOTE: Before you do step 3, if the pictures are bigger than 500x500 pixels then resize it in paint buy opening the picture in paint and press Ctrl + W and change the 100% to 50% in each of the first two slots. Keep doing it until your image is under 500x500 pixels.)

  • Step 3: Make a copy in your folder of 1.jpg and 2.jpg. Then rename the copy of 1.jpg to 3.jpg and the copy of 2.jpg to 4.jpg.

  • Step 4: Open 3.jpg in paint and press Ctrl + i, then save. Do the same with 4.jpg. 







  • Step 5:Get a .gif animator, search for .gif animator in Google and just get a free trial of one. Open your .gif animator and create a new document. In most you will be able to select the pictures you want.

  • Step 6: Make 1.jpg the first image in your .gif and 2.jpg the second and 3.jpg the third and 4.jpg the forth.

  • Step 7: Now set the delay between the images and if you can make it the same for each. Most .gif animators will allow you to preview your .gif, change the delay time until it looks right, it seems between 6/100 of a seconds and 12/100 seconds is good.

  • Step 8: Save and show all of your friends your cool animated illusion