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YouTube Channels


Figure Drawing

Art Communities

Brush Sets

Get Work / Make $

Collab Sites

Online Art Galleries

Image Compilations

Online Art Supply Stores

Tablet Discussion

Money Saving Tips


SmellyBug's Maquette Tutorial

Incredible tutorial from sketch to painted maquette sculpt

Art Graphica

Free drawing lessons in various mediums


Design lectures

Anons pastebin tutorial mishmosh

Pastebin of notable tutorials focused on comics and animation.


Excellent resource for the beginner digital artist.


Loomis. Comprehensive drawing tutorials.

PSG Art Tutorial

A comprehensive set of high quality articles/tutorials regarding art technique.

The Dimensions of Color

Comprehensive color guide by David Briggs.

Guneys Journey

Valuable resource from James Gurney. Light and color focus.

Flooby Noobies Tutorial Page

Basic to Advanced Color Theory and Illustration Techniques for Photoshop

Art Books Public Domain

Artist Handbooks, Art Techniques and Painting - Free Art Books

FengZhu School of Design

FZD School of Design provides an education in entertainment design.

Dueys Drawing Tutorials

Tutorials by Brian Duey.

Art wiki

Art wiki, general tutorial compilation.

Drawspace Tutorials

Learn to Draw. Over 200 free tutorials.

The Art Classes

TheArtClasses.com by idrawgirls.

Fellowbros Book Collection

Drawing books including Anatomy and the Baroque drawing course.

Character Designs

General resources.

Lessons in Calligraphy and Pennmanship

Here you will find a wealth of material for learning calligraphy and penmanship.

YouTube Video Support


SBW Workshop

Stringbing Workshop and Tutorials

Aaron Blaise

Aarons Art Tips

DokiDoki Drawing

Japanese Animation Tutorials

Art Support

FZD School

Art Industry Podcast

MoatDD Marks Drawing Tutorials

Tablet Exercises


Art tutorials utilizing Corel Painter

Alphonoso Dunn

Traditional Art Tutorials


Photoshop tutorials/time lapse

China Digital Painting

PS Timelapse Tutorials

Level Up

Pro Art Podcasts

Alejandro Garcia Animator

Video tutorials for Animation Artists

Jeff Watts

Classical fine art Atelier

Anthony Jones "Robopencil"

Photoshop livestreamer

Kienan Lafferty

Weekly concept art vids

Isterbrak's Critique Hour

Time lapse/Design Challenges and Art Tutorials

Zin Lim

Traditional art drawing and painting tutorials


Free reference and imagery. 4chan's /s/, /hr/ and /p/ boards are good resources as well.

PDF Drive - Art Books



Downloable PDFs on a wide variety of topics

Photo Reference for Comic Artists

Ultra-high resolution photo reference for comic artists and illustrators

FaeStock on Deviant Art

Clothed fantasy poses

Pose Emporium on Deviant Art

Themed clothed poses

Senshi Stock on Deviant Art

More themed poses


Formerly CGTextures; good for reference, photobash and 3d

Character Design

Character design resource; costumed, nude, people and events and reference guides

Face Research

Facial Mixer


Hairstyle reference

References and Infographics

References and Infographics collection. Over 300 Images. Infographics Image Compilation download available here.

Earth Porn

TONS of environmental reference. Earth Porn.

Hand Poses Galore

Hand Reference and Tutorials. Main focus on cartoon/animation.

Tumblr Reference Accounts

Tumblr Accounts with reference organized by category.


Human photo references and textures.

Phillip Farauts Sculpture Photos

Impressive gallery of sculptures.

Idol and Cosplay Reference

Japanese idol and cosplay photos.

1000 Frames of Hitchcock

"1000 Frames of Hitchcock" is an attempt to reduce each of the 52 available major Hitchcock films down to just 1000 frames. The aim of the project is to create a library of images which can be used to illustrate blog posts, web articles and reviews, etc.

Dr. Macro's High Quality Movie Scans

Variety of high resolution film imagery.

Leave me the White Movie Screencaps

Movie screencaps.

Firearm Schematics

3D Rotational Reference

Human Skull Sketcher

Human skull models


Human photo reference for 3d artists and game developers

Anatomy Next

In-depth internal anatomy reference

Pose Maniacs

This blog is for uploading variety of poses for nude sketching, and introduces other FLASH training tools for drawing.

Scan the World

3d Scans of classic sculptures, artifacts, bones and landmarks

Figure Drawing

Croquis Cafe

Youtube channel with real-time models posing for figure drawing

Pose Space

Models and poses. Filters for gender, lighting, props etc.

Figure Drawing Directory

Figure Drawing directory (US/Canada).

Sketchfab Anatomy Reference

Anatomy Reference

Art Model Tips

Nude figure reference aggregator.

Quick Poses Figure Drawing

Timed figure drawing practice.

Line of Action (Previously Pixelovely)

Timed figure drawing

Pose Maniacs

This blog is for uploading variety of poses for nude sketching, and introduces other FLASH training tools for drawing.

Britalicus Figure Reference

Figure reference. Must be a member of Deviant Art.

r/SketchDaily References

Timed figure drawing practice.

Art Communities

Deviant Art

The largest art community on the net. The community is probably less useful than CA's if you're looking to improve.

Pixel Joint

An art community for pixel artists.


The largest Japanese art community. Go there to find your favourite anime artists or to embrace your dream of becoming the best mangaka of all Nihon.

Artists Brushes and Toolsets

Darek Zabrocki

Jonas De Ro

Houston Sharp

Titus Lunter

Mathias Verhasselt

Goro Fujita

Craig Mullins

Min Yum

Dan Luvisi

Jama Jurabaev

Maciej Kuciara

Jaime Jones

Sergey Kolesov

Kekai Kotaki

Shaddy Safadi

Negrea Alex

Get Work / Make $

Merchandise Retrospective


A detailed retrospective on how to use various methods to sell your art merch.

Business of Illustration


A website and blog by Neil Swaab dedicated to instructing new and aspiring artists on how best to navigate this challenging field.

How to Get an Animation Job in Japan

If you want to take the plunge, here is advice on how to get an animation job in Japan.

Clint Cearleys Becoming a pro.

Clint Cearley discusses the topic of breaking into professional illustrating and concept art for games. Topics covered include the artist's art background, presenting yourself as a professional, versatility, timeliness, being proactive, art as a product and art education.

Collaborative Drawing Sites (Paintchats)


Skycows /f/lockdraw. Has brush modes, opacity, blur, moderation system(muting room, kick/ban user)


Layer capability.


Collaborative Drawing.

Online Art Galleries

Web Gallery of Art

The Web Gallery of Art is a virtual museum and searchable database of European fine arts from 11th to 19th centuries.

Google Art Project

Very high resolution art archive by Google.

Wiki Paintings

Visual Art Encyclopedia

Image Compilations

High resolution image packs / Reference and Inspirational Imagery.

Academic Work

A plethora of academic sketches in various categories including nudes, drapery, portraiture, hands/feet and more...

Over 4000 Images (varied resolution)

William-Adolphe Bouguereau

130 Images

Alphonse Mucha

149 Images

Online Art Supply Stores

Jerrys Artarama

Jerrys Artarama.


Utrecht Art Supply.

Art Supplies (UK)

Art Supplies (UK).

Artist Supply Source

Artist Supply Source.

Jet Pens

Pens, mechanical pencils, lead holders etc.

Tablet Discussion

The /r/stylus wiki is about recent pressure-sensitive pen devices.

stylus wiki

Things to consider when comparing Tablets

Levels of sensitivity: This determines how many levels are between the hardest and softest press of the stylus. It measures how accurately the tablet responds to pressure. The higher the number the better. 2048/1024/512 are current standards. 1024 or more is recommended.

Tilt Sensitivity: This feature allows the tablet to track the 'tilt' of the stylus, allowing for more natural strokes. This is a desired although not deal-breaking feature for the digital artist.

Resolution: Read this regarding resolution.

Stylus: Stylus ergonomics are a personal choice. Some stylus need batteries making them both heavier and more problematic than their battery-less counterparts.

Tablet Manufacturers


The market leader in tablet technology. Due to their small size, Wacoms Bamboo line are not recommended as they promote drawing from the wrist and carpal tunnel.

Purchase a larger lower priced alternative below as opposed to a Bamboo if you are constrained by budget.


Another major Wacom alternative specializing in LCD Tablets.

Artist, Save thy Monies

Art creation can be an expensive endeavor. This section will hopefully ease the burden on your wallet.

Glass Palette

Personally, I use glass as my palette when painting. You can get a inexpensive piece of glass at a flea market or used goods store and purchase a picture frame and harvest the glass from it. Spray the back of the pane with grey primer so as to maintain a visually neutral mixing platform.

You may want to add some thick tape around the edges to prevent slitting yourself open.

Cleanup is easy; wipe off the excess paint with a paper towel. You may wait until the residual paint dries then scrape it off with a razor. I have also found that cheap knockoffs of the Clorox White Sponges wipe oil paint away quite well.

Wacom Nib Replacements

Digitally, Wacom has pens with nibs that conveniently wear out over time. One does not want the added concern of the expense as well as the availability of the nibs. Create your own inexpensive alternative by using .065" Universal Nylon Trimmer wire.

The wire will not flex nor damage your tablet surface. You may round the edge with sandpaper using a grit that leaves you with a tactile tip you desire.

One roll of this wire will cost you (sometimes much) less than $10, and give you over 3000 nibs. Wacom sells them at 6 for $12. You do the math.