Virginia Whittingham

Virginia Whittingham, aka GMa, was Mark's maternal grandmother.  She came from a long Quaker ancestry (Stablers, Millers, Janneys, Hartshornes) and from highly effective people, many of whom left their mark on history (Whittinghams, Condits, Rollinsons, and more).

Born in New York City on 11 Oct 1903, was the only child of William Rollinson Whittingham II and Anna Miller Stabler.

William and Anna had married later in life; William was 42 and Anna was 40. Virginia was born the following year.  Based on the information I've found, William had been a manager and then became an electrician, soon to be manager of an electric company.  Anna had been a clerk and later in life became a real estate broker.  They seem to have lived between New York City and Millburn, New Jersey.

Virginia was a beautiful little girl and, from the looks of these two photographs, was their little darling.  She was highly intelligent and, from what I've heard, had strong passions and opinions. 

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