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What's Our Time Bank? 

Our Time Bank is a community of people living in the Culver City, Palms and Mar Vista (CCPMV) area who support each other.  For every hour you help another member, you earn a TimeBank Hour. Then you can use that TimeBank Hour to have a neighbor help you. There’s no minimum or maximum time commitment. It’s like bartering time, but you don’t have to trade directly with the person who helps you.

Members use a simple internet-based system to list the services they want to give and receive and to keep track of hours exchanged.

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Why Join?  

With Time Banking, you will be part of a group of people who are joined together for the common good. As our friends at the Echo Park Time Bank explain, “Time banking can help people to save money, create new friendships and develop new habits as consumers. We can empower ea

ch other by sharing the wealth of resources in our community, and by creating a network based on trust.”

It's easy for people of all ages and backgrounds to join.  If you live in the area, have skills to offer, need help, and want to meet your neighbors, timebanking could be for you! 

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Next Potluck

Saturday, August 20:  Potluck 4:30-6pm p.m. There will not be an orientation in August
Location: Venice Learning Garden (Venice and Walgrove). Enter on Walgrove south of Venice. The gate looks locked, but it is not.
Please bring a dish to share and don’t forget your own plates, cups and utensils (and serving utensils). Please park on the street. The parking inside the gate is reserved for those whose physical condition makes it hard to walk.

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