Partners in our Mission

Our Partner in India for Water Treatment Projects – Rotary Club of Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh

We are glad to have found a partner in Rotary Club of Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, who will help us, in many ways than we had requested for, in identifying the locations and implementing the water treatment projects, using the most popular water purifying technology - Reverse Osmosis. 

While Telangana Community contributes towards the project cost (water treatment plant and related equipment, Rotary Club has graciously agreed to take up the following activities involved in implementing the projects (installing the water treatment plants) and to bear the costs towards such activities, which may go up to Rs.45000/- per project.

Rotary Club will undertake the survey in identifying locations where there is a need of water treatment plants and arrange the testing of the water and other formalities.

Rotary Club has already identified a well reputed supplier for the water treatment plants (M/s Innovative Solutions, Hyderabad), which gives a very good discount on the equipment needed for the projects, with two years warranty period.
  • Rotary Club will arrange the transportation of the plant to the place of installation and install same.
  • Rotary Club will also take care of the commissioning of the plant with necessary other infrastructure to be installed.
  • Rotary Club will take up the responsibility of fulfilling the formalities, documentation etc. for the projects with the villages / governing body.
  • Rotary Club will arrange the necessary civil structure for shelter of the plant supported by the local villages.
  • Rotary Club will help identify the personnel required for the on-going maintenance of the water treatment plant.
  • Rotary Club will arrange to install a plaque at the time of commissioning the project with the donor’s name, if the project is completely sponsored by a single donor.