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Pastor's Corner

     I received a newsletter from a former parish that I served.  It started off with the idea that within the next few weeks we would be proclaiming “Christ is risen!!  He is risen indeed!!”  And, needless to say, that is something to celebrate.  But, as the pastor went on to say, we cannot just jump to the joy of Easter without acknowledging the season and days of Lent.  We cannot celebrate the joy of victory and resurrection without the pain and suffering of Good Friday.  Many times in life we would like to skip those dark days of Lent and go to and stay with the happier days of Easter.

     But, we know that life is not only ups.  There are downs as well.  And maybe, as some would suggest, those “downs" are necessary to realize the importance of the “ups” and the celebrations that come with them.  I would, therefore, encourage each of you to remain faithful to our Lenten journey as we worship each Sunday and on Maundy Thursday, March 24, and Good Friday, March 25, both days at 3:30 pm.


See you in Church

Pastor Noordzy


Thrivent Choice Dollars

Questions continue from our membership regarding your Thrivent dollars.  If you are part of the Thrivent Family you can assign your “dollars” to Our Saviour’s.  This needs to be done every year by calling Thrivent at 1-800-847-4836 and select “Thrivent Choice.”  Dollars may also be designated quarterly in April, July, October and January.  These “dollars’ enable us to continue our benevolent giving.

Holy Week


 March 20    Passion/Palm Sunday   9 am

 March 24    Maundy Thursday        3:30 pm

 March 25    Good Friday                3:30 pm

 March 27    Easter Sunday            9:00 am

        Keep in your Prayers

            Matt & Phyllis Ulstad

            Carol & Ed Nordahl

            Dub & Jane Wick

            Helen Wilke

            Isabel Radke

            Brittany, Elijah, & Brian

            David Gredzens

        Come to the Garden

        WELCA Spring Gathering

        Saturday, April 9, 9 am to 2 pm

        Grace Lutheran Church

        NE MN Synod Assembly

        April 29 – May 1

        Breezy Point Resort

        Theme:  Living Forgiveness

        Dr. Anna Madsen, Keynote speaker

        Marketplace items needed for Silent Auction producing funds for World Hunger

        Visit from the Pastor

        If you or a family member are admitted to the hospital, please call Pastor Noordzy (218-390-6824).  If you

        are admitted through emergency, please have a friend or a family member call.

        If you desire a call from the Pastor for any reason, please feel free to contact him.

Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church

2716 Hwy 61, Castle Danger

Worship with Holy Communion

Sunday 9 am

Rev. Henry Noordzy 218-390-6824