Weekly Devo

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Throughout life we are grouped into titles whether we like it or not.  We are given titles like cheerleader, jock, smarty pants, geek, nerd, outsider, popular, single, gf/bf, and so on...
Sometimes we like them and other times we feel like we can't escape them, but either way they start to shape who we are.  Middle school and high school is never easy and it is even harder when you don't feel comfortable or confident in who you are. 
Are my friends really my friends? 
Do I like who I am? 
Do others like who I am? 
Do I need to change my ways?  
The questions can feel neverending...and no matter what you do you might never feel perfect.  
Gangs are a part of lifestyles.  It is not just the Bloods and Crips I am talking about it goes beyond that to those titles you get as well.  They start to influence and shape your life whether you like who you are becoming or not.  Well, joining a gang there is always some way to 'prove' yourself as a loyal, dedicated servant.  Things happen sometimes kids get hurt...physically, emotionally, or even mentally. 
Is your gang still there for you when you are lower than low?  
Are they going to be there to pick you back up?  
Think of a time when you were at one of your lowest points.
Who do you want picking you back up?       
Who was there to pick you back up?
Did you get the attention and healing you deserved or needed?
From talking with my father, Jon, there is always someone waiting and wanting to pick you back up and make sure you are okay.  That is Jesus.  Jesus is the gang leader that will make the sacrifice for you.  He already did make the ultimate sacrifice for you to be part of his gang.  No matter what you do he will be there with open arms and saying, "I love you and forgive you."
He is not going to judge you for what you think you are or who others think you are.  He will accept you just the WAY you are!  He loves you so just be yourself and know you are always number one in Jesus' gang.