Working together

posted 3 Sep 2011, 02:21 by south moretonpreschool   [ updated 30 Jan 2018, 09:33 by South Moreton Pre School ]

On the white board outside you will find daily information on what we will be and what we have been doing at pre-school, also any important information that we need you to know, please read it , as it will keep you informed about what is going on,

General and important Information is also sent out in newletters which are sent out by email and can be found on our webpage and we also regularly post updates on our Facebook page.

"Bobby Bear".

Bobby bear will be going home every week with a child and can stay with you for a whole week.
Bobby comes with his own book which we would love you to fill with memories of bobby bears stay with you, a few photos and what bobby has been doing would be fantastic, your child can then share their adventures with bobby with the group.
Working with us to help your Child
In order to strengthen our partnership with you we would like to encourage you to complete a "Wow" sheet when your child has completed something special at home. They don’t need to be amazing feats, just something special to your child. So it may be that ‘Matthew counted 12 stairs on the way to bed last night’ or ‘Matthew got dressed all by himself this morning’. Hopefully we’ll get something up for every child quite quickly – it will be a huge boost to their self esteem and confidence, and show them that their life events are truly important to the adults around them.

Fresh labels will be in a Polly pocket on the Wow board- please help yourselves.