Newsletter & Dates for your Diary

Please see our latest Newsletters from Term 3, 4 & 5 on the links below.  

                       Dates for your Diary:

May                                                             June

Monday 7th May                                                          Monday 4th June

Bank Holiday (pre-school closed)                           Inset Day (pre-school closed)

Saturday 12th May at 10am                                    Tuesday 5th June

Bikeathon & Fun Day                                                  Start of Term 6

Wednesday 16th May at 7.30pm                          Thursday 14th June, 2pm

Committee Meeting at The Bear, N.Moreton        Sports Day & Sports Themed Cake Sale

Tuesday 22nd May at 11am                                    July

Tempest Photography for Graduation                   Saturday 7th July, 10am

Photos & Group Photos                                              Summer Production & Graduation Ceremony

Friday 25th May                                                          Wednesday 25th July

End of Term 4                                                               End of Term 6, end of school year

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