Use the Google DNS Service to Speed Up Internet on your Vista Laptop

Are you experiencing slow Internet access on your Vista laptop? If so, read on for a solution that might solve your problem.

Every time that you click on a link on any web page that you are reading, your Vista laptop needs to look for the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the server that is hosting the web page. Your computer uses a Domain Name Service (DNS) server to look up for this IP address. If you happen to use a very busy DNS server, then your laptop needs to wait every time you click on a link on the web page displayed on your Internet browser.

By default, your Vista laptop is configured to use the DNS service provided by your Internet provider. You need not really concern yourself with this issue if your computer is giving you a satisfactory speed for your Internet surfing. But if you are experiencing slow Internet speed, then you might have to tweak your connection settings a bit.

Your Vista laptop is most likely configured to get all IP address information automatically. You need not change your settings to a manual setup to be able to make use of an alternative DNS service. All you have to do is change the DNS portion of your IP address settings. Please note that you need to have administrative rights on your Vista laptop to be able to make the necessary changes on its IP address settings.

Follow the following step by step procedure to use the Google DNS service on your Vista laptop.

0. Log on to your Vista computer as an administrator.

1. Open your Vista control panel and click on Network and Internet. Click on Network and Sharing Center on the right hand pane of the window. Click on Manage network connections on the left hand side of the window.

2. Double click on the network connection that you use to access the Internet. On the small window that comes up, click on the Properties button.

3. Highlight Internet Protocol Version 4 on the next small window that will come up, then click the Propertied button.

4. On the bottom part of the next small window that will come up, click the Use the following DNS server button. On the Preferred DNS Server text box, type On the Alternate DNS server text box, type

5. Click on the OK button and close all the windows that you have used to setup the connection. Open your Internet browser and type in a web site address that you have not used yet like and press the enter key.

6. Observe whether you have gained a speed advantage by using the new settings on your Vista laptop. If If you have, then retain the settings but if you think the speed is still the same, then just revert back to the old settings.

You can also use other free DNS service available in the Internet. Google up the DNS IP addresses that you can use for availing of fast DNS service from other providers like OpenDNS and ClearCloud. Choose which service is most appropriate for your particular need. I have been using the Google DNS service for a while and so far I have not experienced any problem.

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